by Claire
(County down)



Judy, I love you so much. You were an angel sent to me. We knew each other inside out. You saw me through some bad times in my life. I hope I have done everything for you too.

Mac, your brother, misses you as much as Ruby and I, just in a different way. I know you loved Ruby, but Mac was your soul mate. Two peas in a pod.

Our lives here are not the same without you. My life will never be the same. You brought me so much happiness. You were a greedy big monkey minesweeping the others bowls, waiting to see what they had left behind. Poor Ruby was intimidated into leaving some.

You always lay in the most awkward places, normally at the oven waiting for food, or across a doorway. As a young dog you were a mad thing running off when we were out, not caring if we were still there, whilst Mac always looked back to check. He was looking out for you even when you cut your head in barbed wire.

Your last 8 weeks, from when you were diagnosed, have been good and bad. You managed so well. We had some wonderful time together, cuddling up and lying on the blanket in the garden. You got so many treats, no wonder you got so heavy.

I know you didn't like the vets but you somehow got used to it and you knew it was to help you feel better. We are so lucky we got to spend that time with you.

I feel privileged you were given to me because you were in my life for a reason. I believe that, Judy. And I was in yours for a reason.

I'm so sorry, Judy, that things ended the way they did. I made the choices I did for you. You deserved a chance at life but unfortunately that wasn't the plan for you. I hope you knew I was with you and that you were content and ready to leave. I believe you are at rainbow bridge. We all saw one on Saturday.

So strong. Stay watching over us keeping us safe. Be happy in your new home and eat as much as you like. Run free and enjoy that you can now. We will all see you again. It just may be a while, but when we meet again, it will be wonderful.

I know you probably wonder why I'm crying so much. I'm finding it hard to cope with life without you. It was hard today when I let Mac and Ruby out for their toilets and your face wasn't there. I don't see you anymore going up behind the oil tank to find what the cat had left behind. Or barking like a mad thing and running to the gate when anyone passed by, especially the horses.

You were Mac's back up and he yours. I'm missing all that. Three has become 2, and nothing will ever be the same without you. I will love you always. When you see me crying a little less it's only that I have to as not everyone understands the pain I am in. That's because of you and the mark you have left on me.

You are buried in the garden so I can talk to you every day. I know you aren't there but it helps me. Ruby and Mac had a little sniff too. Please watch over them and make sure Mac knows you are ok and that you will see him again. Keep the bed warm for him and please leave him a few treats.

I love you forever, Judy. My heart us broken.

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by: Colin

I am losing my dog too, and it is never easy to let go. It feels like a horror movie that will never end.

You seem to have so many fond memories. Cherish those for as long as you can.

Until We See Them Again
by: Ed

I'm so very sorry for your loss.

I know how you feel and what you're going through. December will mark 3 years since I lost my CoCo, and like your Judy, there was nothing I or the vet could do to save her.

She was my heart and I miss her every single day.

I hope time eases your pain and that you find comfort knowing that letting Judy go was the last great act of love and kindness you could offer her.

Ed in Denver

Missing You
by: Rosetta Minnis

Judy, it is hard to believe it is just over a week ago you went to doggie heaven. You were such a good dog. I never any problem with you, never will Claire get another like you.

Sadly missed by us all. We will never forget you.x

by: Lindsay and Ellie

What a beautiful and fitting memorial.

Claire will miss you so much.

Ellie just wanted to say thank you for being so patient and understanding in Achill Island when she was so nervous about getting out of the car with these three new doggy faces! Then making her feel like one of the gang! X

God Bless You
by: Fernando

I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly understand the pain. As I read what you wrote, it reminded me so much of my little Tulip. She passed away suddenly last March. I think about her every day.

I know Judy is happy and free now, and just waiting to see you again. I feel the same way about Tulip. All their pain is gone and now they only have joy.

I will pray for you and hope you begin to heal. Based on my experience I don't think we'll ever truly heal but time helps subside some of the pain.

Give your other dogs hugs and kisses every day so you know you never missed an opportunity. God bless you and your family.

by: Ian Minnis

Lovely memorial.

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