Jaffa Dog

by Lesley & Rein
(Sydney, Australia)

So quiet and frightened in that cage at 5 months, old already on death row. But out of that cage you were spirited and playful. Just getting you home was a joy and we loved you for that, Jaffadog. :)

Remember the first puppy friends and my anxious moments as you played and ran around the park, Jaffachick? That first time I called you back and touched my chest to encourage you - what a surprise when you flew through the air into my arms. It could have turned out not so good but thankfully I caught you! 

Racing up to babies in strollers with that enormous tongue out, ready to lick their face. You frightened more than a few parents in those early years, Jaffagirl.

And how you loved elderly men. When you ran and jumped on that man's lap and sent his coffee cup and the table careening off- how we all laughed :) and we loved you for that.

Training was even more boring for me than it was for you, Jaffiejaff. It felt like we walked in circles for hours rather than minutes and you strained to get closer to the puppy in front. It was during the breaks that you shone at school.

When you played with the boxer and chased him into the canal and we had to jump in to get him out. You just bounded up the wall without effort and with pure unbridled joy on your face. :) Jaffadog was the naughty kid in the class and we loved you for that. 

Walkydog was a godsend. The only way to tire you out, Jaffapop, was 10km of running along beside the bike. And when you learned to swim you would have kept swimming out to sea if we hadn't dragged you back to shore. Swimming and cycling and digging in the sand were our greatest shared pleasures along with your affectionate cuddles, curling up together to rest. :)

Sometimes your instincts were too much to bear but we loved you anyway, Jaffadog. Those birds and cats and wallabies all survived your frantic chasing (most of them anyway) and those dogs that got you riled were no worse off than before they met you.

We loved your passion, your fearlessness, your affectionate nature and your devotion, Jaffababe. We were privileged and ever grateful to have you in our lives for 11 wonderful years. Our hearts and lives and memories have been changed forever. And we love you for that.

Rest in peace, our beautiful Jaffadog. xxxxxx

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