by Yvonne

Nipping to the the new super store to buy some groceries and to check it out, it seemed that everyone else had the same idea, so we decided that it might be a good idea to go to the local dog home, which was just a short drive away. That was how I came to choose you, Jack, a nearly pure white Jack Russell with a tan patch over your eye.

You were one and a half years old and a bit out of control but I fell in love with you and came back the next weekend and took you home. After a week I nearly took you back as you barked at everything we passed whilst out for our walks, especially bikes, but I persevered with you and you became my best friend and, in time, the eldest of my 3 dogs. We became a team, a pack. We slept together, walked together and even went on holiday to Wales together, staying in a lovely cottage. You were a big brother to your 2 sisters. When out walking, if other dogs got too close to them, you would let them know in no uncertain terms !!

Today, 29th July 2016, I decided to take you all out for a quick walk before I went shopping. Or should I go shopping first? No, I'll whisk you around the block then you can all have a good sleep whilst I'm out (how I now wish I went shopping first). Walking along, everything was fine and you were being slow as usual, but you were fast approaching your 11th birthday. I just used to drop your leash and let you sniff and you would soon catch up with us.

I paused at the turning that would have cut short our walk and thought "No, lets go the long way around." How I wish I'd cut short our walk. Walking alongside a quite busy part of the road which we had walked loads of times before, you decided to relieve yourself.

I dropped your leash whilst I scooped it up and put it into the nearby bin. I had scanned the path ahead to make sure that there were no other dogs, bikes or runners coming but hadn't seen that a motorbike was coming. In a split second you ran after it with the speed of a 1 year old, barking.

You were hit immediately by a bus that was traveling close behind it. You were gone in a split second, no yelp, no noise, nothing, just the sound of my own voice screaming for help...

Seeing you laying under the bus, obviously dead, I passed out in shock. I just remember begging people for help, asking them to get my husband. If only I had.... Or if only I hadn't... Or why didn't I... For the rest of my life I will blame myself for what happened that day, no matter what anyone says to comfort me.

Jack, I LOVED you and gave you the best life I could. I shall miss you every day for the rest of my life. I'm sorry that because of my stupid action, dropping your leash has resulted in your death and robbed all of my family from having you in your golden years so that we could take care of you as you have protected us in your prime years.

10 years, 8 months, 29 days. Too soon to leave us, Jack. I'm sorry.

Mummy xxx

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