In Memory of The Main Man - Max (Erinmoor Jupiter) 19 January 1999 - 30 October 2010

by Peter L Hartley
(Surrey, UK)

The Main Man - at National Gundog Show

The Main Man - at National Gundog Show

What can I possibly say about the loss of my best friend?

The dog who, as a young puppy in 1999, gently climbed upon the bed where I was lying and crying for my late wife (Maura) and who licked my head to comfort me. The dog who made me proud, in March 2000, when he took Best Puppy of Breed at Crufts, and simply enjoyed his Lap of Victory.

The dog who cared so much for everyone, including his Sister (Erinmoor Juno, a/k/a Ellie-May) that he invented games to amuse her – and put out his back in doing so, such that he couldn’t stand properly at the Crufts Show in 2001 and so he could only be awarded the 2nd in Class (Postgraduate) and not take the BOB crown he deserved. Nevertheless, I left Crufts in 2001, knowing that I had the Best Dog in the Breed with me. (No offence intended, to anyone else there.)

But not only was he a showman, his hunting instincts were superb. He hunted just like his greatgrandmother, Sally (Thaxmead Bustling Moorhen of Erinmoor), but always took care to ensure that he never lost sight of me. And, when I took him out, years later, he immediately sat at the peg, as though he had been trained for that (he had not) and kept searching for any birds coming over.

Max was a gentleman. He had a great heart, both emotionally, and sadly, in fact. Unknown to me, Max had suffered (sometime) an awful lungworm attack, and so was on medication since Christmas Eve 2007. It was discovered because he started snoring whilst sleeping in his favourite position, lying across my feet. But I never begrudged him any of the veterinary fees – how could I, when he would look into my eyes with expectation and love? To feel him gently take my arm in his (large) mouth; the dreadful experience when he was hit a glancing blow from a car leaving a car park some years ago, and I walked the Surrey Hills for 36 hours, until I heard that Max had been found, unharmed, and we were reunited. (The story made the local newspaper.)

As well as being extremely devoted to, and protective of, me, he took his duties as Head of the dog household very seriously. He would run forward to check on his girls, then run back to check that I (and any walking companion with me) was OK.

One time, when some foolish people were out on the Heath, and first Ellie-May, and then her Mother (Erinmoor Pax, a/ka Tara, RIP), ran back from a concealed dog when I was showing a Lady Keeper how Munsters worked, Max went forward and I found him with a neck grip on an errant, uncollared, untrained Rottweiler. Obviously, Max released the other dog on my command – Max feared nothing, except losing me.

Some 3 years ago, I was delighted to be asked if a lady with a pretty Munster bitch could use Max as stud dog. The litter was something special and I had the pick of the litter – Ironlake Mystic by Erinmoor, a/k/a Tally. Ellie-May took on the role as foster mother, until Tally’s first season, when she became jealous of the attentions Max was paying to his daughter. Nevertheless, I found a way around that (I was raised since babyhood with dogs), and we eventually had a happy family. When Tally went AWOL on her first shoot, it was Max who (6 hours later) found his daughter.

Earlier this year, I moved from the home I loved (and where Max was born, by the front door) for personal reasons. After a spell in kennels with his sister and daughter, whilst I organised a new home, Max and the girls moved in; but sometimes Max looked at me and his eyes would say, "OK, Dad, when are we really going home?" But eventually, the new mess became home to Max and Ellie-May and Tally, and me.

Today, before I went out shopping, I took all three dogs for a brief constitutional by the nearby canal. All seemed well, until I saw that Max had slipped and fallen on the wet towpath. He valiantly tried to get up, and collapsed again. I rushed to him, and raised him – but that heart problem had beaten me. Max died in my arms.

Everything else is irrelevant. All I would add is, if people were half as good as dogs, this would be a far better world, and, Max, you will always be loved – but now it is time for Maura to cuddle you, and for you to take care up there. See you in a while, my Best Friend, but only God knows when.

All my Love, Peter

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Thank You for the Tributes
by: Peter

Max was, and always will be, extremely special to me. I was blessed to have had his companionship, and regret that it took his passing for the local Vets to realise the devastating problems which lungworm infection (so easily prevented, now) could bring.

Max took care of all 'his' bitches and me. His litter sister, Ellie-May (now 13.5 years old), is still around (August 2012) and how I would love to have Max here beside me.

Tally, Max's daughter, has so many of Max's characteristics that it is uncanny. If it works out, I will breed from Tally (probably in 2013) and just maybe I'll keep back a male puppy.

RIP, Max - my Best Friend

Man's best friend
by: Mercedes

That was a great read and a fabulous tribute to your best friend Max.

Sincere Condolences
by: Bridget

Dear Peter,

It is with great sadness I learned of Max passing away. Such a noble animal, both in competition and most especially as a dear companion. Max died in your arms knowing he was dearly loved. No pet could ever have a more loving master.


by: Anonymous


I am so sorry for your loss. Your deep love for your fine dog is so beautifully expressed in your tribute. He was a distinguished animal, not just for the awards he received in competition, but for the love he inspired. I am sure he found comfort in your love. I do believe we will see all our loved ones again, especially the ones with four legs.


Man's Best Friend
by: Anonymous


I am not great with dogs but I cannot help but feel your deep sense of loss. I hope you find consolation in the good times you shared with Max.

All the best

Lucy (Snaedis)

by: Patty

I am so sad to hear about Max's death. He was such a wonderful, special dog. It breaks my heart.

What a Great Dog!
by: A & C

Max was really special. He will be missed. Take Care - A & C

A Lovely Dog
by: A Dog Walker

Max did you proud. He was a lovely dog, with a wonderful personality. He WILL be missed.

Remembering Max
by: Ruth

So sorry, Peter, for the loss of your dear companion. I enjoyed him so much on my visits to your home. He was a big dog with an even bigger personality. Some of my favorite pictures are of Mary and myself with him, Tara and Ellie-May. I have some lovely memories of times with Max that I will cherish always.

by: Anonymous

A wonderful tribute to your good friend Max.

Missing Max
by: Mary

Max was such a wonderful and special dog. Anyone who met Max fell in love with him instantly. He was a gentle giant with a beautiful spirit. He'll always hold a piece of my heart.

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