In Memory of Our Beloved Labrador Dog Buffy

by Linda K.
(Germany )

Sadness and grief overwhelmed us. Our dog has passed away after many 14 years. A member of our family who had been with us all through the years, day and night, from morning till evening, she was always there, by our side.

She was the first one to greet you and the last one to accompany you till you went to bed. After she got out from her sleeping place, she walked to the bedroom door, lay down and waited till someone woke up.

She was full of senses, aware of what was happening around. I knew my husband had arrived home because she already heard the sound of his car and began to bark, quickly walked to the house door with a slipper of my husband between her teeth. She was happy, wiggled her tail.

When we were discussing things louder than usual, she would start barking, her way of saying that we should stop. Every time we went for a walk, no one was left behind because she just stopped and waited till you came along.

She was a special dog. She was always friendly and happy to meet visitors. She was playful when my grandkids came playing "hide and seek."

She loved food, would eat everything if we allowed her to. When I was busy in the kitchen, she was also there waiting to get a bite.

One time, I had done my spring rolls and placed them on the dining table. Then I noticed some rolls were missing. Thought my husband had tried to eat some but I was wrong. It was Buffy! She stole the rolls carefully without making spills on the table. A clever dog.

She was still young and active at that time. Banana was one of her favorite fruit. She wouldn't miss watching you eating a banana and hoping you wouldn't eat it all. So every time I ate one, I always gave her a bit of it.

There was no problem visiting her vet. After greeting everyone, she went directly to the weighing scale and waited for the doctor's reward.

She also loved water and would take every opportunity to get in the water if you didn't watch out. One time we were walking at the English garden in Munich. We were wondering why she walked so hurriedly. In a few moments we saw the lake & my daughter said that Buffy didn't forget, she had been there before.

Like a child, she was happy to go on holiday with us. She enjoyed the streams and rivers while hiking in Switzerland and Germany. In Denmark we rented a holiday house. We didn't know the house had a big garden. When Buffy got out from the car, excited, she ran as fast as she could around the whole garden, round and round. She had fun having a big playground of her own.

Now she's gone. We miss her a lot. Tears fell as I collected and cleaned some of her things.

Her ashes will be buried under the magnolia tree in our garden and I will paint her name on a granite stone.

Buffy, wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

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by: Linda K.

Jen, Priscilla and Joy,

Thank you so much for your understanding comments.

Thanks Ma!
by: Jen

I miss her, too! Beautiful memories... She was a very special dog.

by: Priscilla

Your Buffy will always be in your heart as my beloved dogs that have gone on before me are in mine.

Heavenly Buffy
by: Joy

Buffy sounds wonderful. Labradors are beautiful, very special beings with compassionate eyes, a very waggy tail and a swaggering bottom when they are on a 'mission' and having fun.

You were so blessed to have this living angel to walk beside you for so many years. Thank God for the Rainbow Bridge. She will be waiting for you, ready to play again. xx

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