In Memory of Kate Bug

by Sabra Perigo



Kate- Pembroke Welsh Corgi-I knew this day would come. She was born with a heart murmur and the vets said she would not live to be 6 months old. She proved the vets wrong. She just turned two years old.

This is hard because I never prepared myself for this day. She beat the odds. Kate was full of life. Everybody loved her, always wagging her tail and greeting you with a bark.

She knew when I was upset. She would lay beside me and comfort me.

It is different around the house without her. It's too quiet. I miss her so much it hurts. I know she was never mine, she was just a lease to me. I can't wait to see her again in heaven.

Mommy loves you so much.... ~Forever in My Heart~
December 25, 2007- January 29,2010

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by: sabra

Thanks, I am doing a lot better than I was. it seems to ease the pain as time goes but just seeing her toys or her beds reminds me and I keep having crying spells. But Thank you so much for your words, it sure does help... God Bless You!

Broken hearts
by: Laynie's mom

My dog Laynie was also born with a heart murmur. She passed last year in November. (2008 Laynie Pooh dog) It's so hard to lose them so young. I still miss her very much but look forward to seeing her again when it's my time to pass.

My husband told me that god knew that she had a short time to live so he gave her to me so that I could give her the best life ever. I say this to you now. She was a very lucky dog. Bless you.

It will get better
by: mom

She sure beat alot of odds hunny, no one really thought she'd be here as long as she was. You believed and she proved us all wrong. What a joy she was and has brought to your life.

It's always hard losing something or someone that you love. Just know she is waiting and watching over you and when the day comes she will still be waiting Although she is not here in our lives as living she will always be a part of our thougths and dreams..She was an awesome dog with loads of personality and, believe me, she is up there making friends and seeing her mommy who she never got to know & just waiting on you.

No other pet can ever replace her but don't forget Sophie, Zena and Mccann all need you too. And Kate would want it that way. I'm sure she is playing in her own pool and wrestling other dogs, showing them the tricks you taught her.

Don't cry or frown. Just smile and remember all the good things she brought to our and your life. We love you and we all miss her She will never be forgotten.

by: sabra

Thank you Linda for the reassurance and kind thoughts. Im sorry for your loss too.. I just miss her so much. Everything I do reminds me of her she was my baby. I can't wait to see her.

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