In Memory of an Earthbound Saint, Monster Pee Wee

by Bradford Posey
(Georgia, USA)

Saint Monster giving Sugar

Saint Monster giving Sugar

My Dearest and Greatest Gift from God, Monster Pee Wee:

Not a moment, second, hour or day has passed that I haven't thought of you and missed you with all my Soul.

When I thank God for my blessings, you are the first one I mention. You are the greatest love and being that I have ever known.

Your Intelligence surpassed my understanding, your compassion exceeded any human I have ever met, and your purity lit up my world in colors that I will never see again.

Only tears can say how dearly you are missed. I can only pray that God will find me deserving to be with you again one great day.

You led me back to God and were my daily inspiration to be the very best I could be. I will forever remember the way you looked at me when I got upset, as if it just broke your heart. It reminded me to stop and be grateful.

Your faithful and endless compassion toward all creatures made you the exceptional saint that I know God created in you. Every creature, no matter what kind, big and small, wild and tame, seemed to know you and respect you in ways that just amazed me.

Your compassion for the sick and sad was as if you knew what they felt and comforted them. You were a leader, a gentleman, a nobleman, a precious life force that was beyond this world.

All dogs are special, but you, my Sweet Loverbug, were the exception to every belief I had. I see all creatures differently because of you.

My life was forever changed by you, and I thank God in every breath for allowing me to share your precious time on this earth with you. You left too soon and way before I stopped needing you.

The way you walked into my life and every day in between and the way you departed me, was simply a grand design set forth by God.

Rest and play, my sweet saint. If ever a soul on this earth deserved that title, it is you, sweet son.

Rest in God's bosom, His light, His kingdom until we meet again. I know you are something special in that place where we all hope to be again with those who made our world a better place to live while they were here.

"The depth of your grief will be equal to the depth of your love." And how I have loved and grieved for sweet you.
In loving memory, Psalm 23, our prayer together each night.

You changed a wretched soul and life as only a saint could do.

I will forever love you, Baby Boy.

Love and yours for eternity.

Love, Daddy

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Monster Pee Wee
by: Carrie

I am so very sorry for your loss and reading your tribute truly moved me. I know that our companions are put in our life for a reason by God and I know from your tribute to your sweet baby, you realized the gift God gave you.

Take comfort knowing that you shared such a wonderful and cherished life and knowing that you gained so very much because God joined you together.

Know that he is loving you still from Rainbow Bridge and awaiting for your presence again.

They are our soul mates when they make such a profound difference in our hearts and lives.

May God bless you both.

Thank You
by: Brad

Thank you, Nilza and Deb, for your very kind words.

We are forever changed by the special and unique love of our companions. The loss of their love is life-changing to say the least.
My sweet boy changed me. Time will never heal the emptiness I feel, as any pet owner knows.

They are gifts, and having known them, one can never doubt that they are God's love incarnate.

With the love my baby taught me, I wish you and yours nothing but blessings.

You Speak the Truth
by: Deb

I am so moved by your post, as you know how very special all creatures are. Our bond with them is one of the greatest experiences we can ever have while on earth.

Monster Pee Wee
by: Nilza

My dear friend, I know that Monster Pee Wee knows and appreciates how much you love and miss him. I am sure that he too is missing you. God gave you Monster Pee Wee as a gift. You learned so much and still are learning. Monster Pee Wee will always walk with you.

I pray that your grief and pain ease for you and you learn to cherish the paw prints that he left engraved in your heart.

May God walk with you during this difficult time.

My Boo departed a little over two years now. I miss him so much every day. He too was a huge part of my heart.

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