I Will Miss You Dear Monte, Until We Meet Again

by Marg

I am sitting here with Monte next to me, watching the hands of the clock creep slowly. Soon the doorbell will ring and there will be the vet, ready to help Monte to what I pray will be a peaceful death.

We had four, then three, now only two. Monte's best pal, Oscar, one year older and all gray. Monte is 14 and not one gray hair, still handsome, but so very ill. Congestive heart failure. We fought the good fight for more than one year. Now so weary he is.

Our dogs have taught us well. Don't wait too long. Our first, dear Freddie, so stoic in his pain. We should have known. And then Toby, and another tragic death. So we have learned our lesson well. Do not hold on too long. We had two good teachers and will not make the same mistakes again.

I spent the long weary night, no sleep, creating a Monte photo album, a CD to play for him today, emails to family and friends to let them know that our Monte will be gone. Nothing stops the pain, the tears.

He is resting so peaceful. I will not hug him. I want to hold him, stroke him, bury my face in his handsome fur, but he is sleeping, so I will just gaze at him and pray for each peaceful breath that he takes.

Monte is a dachshund, so I will wish him Auf Wiedersehen. Until we meet again, my darling.

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Your Dear Monte
by: Dorothy Morrell

I feel your pain. I also lost my dog, Trixie, also was the same breed.

It's so hard to say goodbye.

Monte's spirit is with you in the house and in your heart.

by: A Friend

My heart goes out to you. It's so difficult to make the decision. Like a very good friend told me, "It is a true test of your friendship to him"!

I hear it and it softens my pain and empty heart. But I know my Boo is in a better place.

God Bless you through your grieving. We did our best and they know it. May God walk with you during this time.

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