I Love You Rusty

I love you so much, Rusty, and miss you every single day. We sent you to heaven on January 19th 2016. It is three months today and it still hurts like it was today.

You got sick so suddenly. We took you to the vet and did all we could. You continued to get sicker. Finally, after three weeks of suffering, the vet and we decided it was time.

I will never forget that day. You were given three sedatives and you still fought to stay awake and keep everyone away from us.

I held your beautiful face, and even though you could hardly move it anymore, you kept moving it toward me so I could keep petting your face as I always did to comfort you. You were looking for me to make it better. Finally the last injection was given and you were gone.

I went home and cried and I am still crying. I feel that I was cheated as you were only 11 years old. I feel I failed you as you were looking for me to make you better and all I could do was let you go to God.

I tell myself it was the right thing as you were so sick. God took all your pain and suffering away. You would not get any sicker and hurt any longer.

I just wish I had you 5 to 10 more years. I wanted you to grow old, not get so sick. I wanted to hold you while God took you home. I did not want to send you to God.

Now all I have is memories of you. I have your ashes with me always. I have pictures of you all around. I feel you with me often. I miss your kisses, your smiles and your love.

You were my best friend. I love my husband but he never listens to me like you did. Our love for each other was different. It was a love I will have for you forever.

Even though I know you are in heaven I wish that I could see you run and play and be happy again. It would make my heart smile for you.

You deserve all the happiness and joy that God can give you as you were one of the best dogs that ever were.

I miss you, Sweetheart. I love you best, Rusty.

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by: Lisa

I feel your pain, for it is almost a year for me and the pain still runs deep. I pray we get stronger and have many dreams of our babies. I know they watch over us and walk beside us.

11 years of love, how lucky he was.
15 years of love, how lucky Shimmer Victoria was.
I know we were even more blessed to have had their love.

Like I tell Shimmer, "Rest, because their is another journey we shall have together soon."

Be well and I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you hold.

My Deepest Sympathy for the Loss of Your Beloved Rusty
by: Arlene Rae

Please accept my deepest sympathy. I see it is several months since you wrote this beautiful memorial. I hope your pain is not as raw now.

My Golda was only 11 when she died from illness. It was a year after my Dad had died. And Golda helped me through that grief. A year later, when she died, the grief for her loss was excruciating.

There was not any place or area in the house I could see without remembering her lying there, sleeping there, resting there, playing there.. always loving, peaceful, excited or joyful.

I cried every day for 6 months; then every other day. Then, a year later, we rescued another dog. This dog brought joy back into my heart. It was 12 years ago, and she was estimated to be 2 years old at the time, though I think she was younger.

She makes us laugh every day, and though she has slowed down a little, she still loves her 2 mile walks; and people still ask me how old my "puppy" is.

Your heart will heal and you will join Rusty one day. But hopefully, you will let another dog bring you joy before that.

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