I Feel Like I Am Smothering Since Ginger's Sudden Death

by Priscilla Shank
(Warren, PA)

It will soon be 5 months since the sudden death of Ginger, and each day the tears flow. Ginger is buried in a pet cemetery very close to where my beloved Sheltie "Nell" is buried.

I loved them with all my heart. Each was so different but I both loved dearly.

It is not easy going on without them and so many others. They were family, as I have none. Other than the tv, computer and "Callie," my remaing girl, each day is faced with loneliness and sadness.


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Callie my beloved
by: Priscilla

For the second time in less than 10 months I have lost a beloved dog. This time it was Callie

She was taken for a walk and broke her leg. Due to bad kidneys, surgery was not an option.

To go for a walk, end up at the clinic, then the cemetery was a crushing blow. I am alone and just can't understand things.

Ginger and Callie, my precious ones, are gone.

Nell, Ginger and Callie
by: Priscilla

Empty is what my house and heart are. No words can tell the sorrow I feel. All of my beloved dogs have died, and not expected.

There is no one here for me. My dogs were not dogs, they were my precious family.

Callie, Ginger and Nell
by: Priscilla

Callie, Ginger and Nell are now together as of February 20, 2013. Callie is no longer with me. On the 19th she was walking and broke her leg, a break that the Vet. said was unusual unless a dog had been hit by a car.

Callie's kidneys were so bad, and her age and weight were against her.

Once again I am alone and heartbroken. Nell died the end of 2009, Ginger April 2, 2012, and now Callie. All the deaths were not expected.


Ginger Is With You. Look for the Signs ;-)
by: Kim

You are not alone... Ginger is always in your heart, also in your memories and now your forever BFF.

Look for the signs of Ginger they are all around you. I know this sounds crazy but once you start to see them, you will see them everywhere! Trust me. I could not see them.

In a special song, a billboard you never noticed, on vacation in a gift shop. It's Ginger's way of letting you know she is with you.

It's real. It happened to me. God bless you.

Let your heart be at peace, knowing one day when it's time, you two will meet at the rainbow bridge.

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