I Did It My Way...Blue's Story

by Natalie
(Nova Scotia, Canada)

I am writing this in the most pain I have ever felt in my life. After a three week battle with a cancerous tumour that ripped my year and a half old boxador Blue right out of my grasp and out of what was supposed to be the beginning of his life, I finally have a bit of closure today!

We put Blue down this past Saturday, September 24, 2011. After $3000.00 and a rush and frenzy of testing, we were waiting on a biopsy to determine if we could save our baby boy or make that horrible decision of ending his life!

We did not wait for the biopsy as he was declining into such pain and could no longer walk on his own. We called him our little soldier and led him to his death that day in the vets office.

I had much regret until finally today we got the autopsy report that told us the poor guy had had an intrusive Thymoma tumour infiltrating his heart, lungs and spinal cord! Now I can rest, knowing I had actually done all that I could have. We now are starting to feel blessed.

It was an honour to have been his chosen parents, to help him have the best little life he could have possibly had. He never had to be told twice if he did something wrong.

We left him alone in the house for the first time when he was just 2 months old and trusted that he wouldn't try to eat the couch. When we came home he had a few shoes, hats and socks in his bed but never chewed them. He just rounded them up and lay with them.

Everywhere we went, people told us how lucky we were as he was so handsome, sweet and on his best behaviour always. He could jump ten feet off the ground to catch a frisbee. If the cat escaped from the house we would open the door and say "Go get your sister" and he would go track her down.

It has been 5 days and I miss him. I have been hoping and waiting for a sign that he is ok and at peace with all of this. Today, while sitting in the waiting room of my doctor's office, the song My Way by Frank Sinatra came on, and I got my sign.

With tears streaming down my face, I finally could smile again at the thought of Blue and how, through it all, he stood tall and did it his way.

We love you Blue.

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by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for the loss of your pet. It sounds like Blue was a wonderful dog.

I lost my Akita last December and I still miss him every day, but now I think of the good times we had and the joy he brought to us for the 10 years we had with him.

The loss of a pet leaves a hole in our hearts but we are so blessed to have had the time we had with them.

To Blue's family
by: Anonymous

Our lab Beau went to doggy heaven July 19th. We had him 11 years. I still cry every day. You are blessed to have your closure, as many, with me among them, do not.

In this life, you love, but God gives and takes away. May knowing you did the right thing bring you peace. Here is hoping you have fond memories.

Beau's mom

Memories of Blue
by: Sharon

I am so sorry to hear about your Blue. I lost my Carley Girl several months ago.

It is very hard to give them up. They have so much unconditional love for us. We just can't find it anywhere else in the world.

Always keep Blue in your heart. We all know we will be reunited with our beloved pets at the pearly gates. Take care.

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