How do we cope, when our other half is gone....

by Cindy Y
(Forney, TX)

Happy Baby Boy

Happy Baby Boy

It's been 7 months....the longest 7 months of my life without my precious Golden Boy North. This void of emptiness in my heart just keeps aching.

How do we cope when our other half is gone? North was the part of me that made me whole...he was my better half. He loved me for me...not for what I looked like, or how much money I had. He cared not for my possessions; merely loved being with me. How precious is that gift?

Anyone who has a pet should be grateful, just as those pets are grateful for you. I dearly miss my beloved North - the crying jags are less but they still come. My heart hurts so - I cannot wait to meet him again.

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Sorry for your loss
by: Kasey

I lost my dog of ten years on Christmas just past, so I understand the pain you're feeling exactly.

You feel like you've lost the best part of you, that you'll never be whole again and the house feels cold and empty without your best friend.

About two weeks ago, my father brought me a new dog from the local rescue league. His name is Greyson and he's a beautiful gray toned brindle pitbull/boxer mix. He's my healing gift. He'll never be my Eli, their personalities are too different, but the joy of having him in the house helps soothe the pain I feel with loss of Eli. I've found I can make room for both dogs in my heart, and I now look forward to coming home because Greyson is there to greet me.

You'll never replace North, but perhaps finding a new friend will help with the pain of losing him. North will be in your heart, and you'll have memories of him with you. And when or if you do decide to get another dog, it makes the pain not only bearable, but you can live with it, love with it again. So when you're ready, I urge you to adopt a new best friend. It really makes all the difference in the world.

I know I'd be a mess still if it weren't for Greyson.

Thank you for your comment
by: Anonymous

Don't want to seem insensitive, lost my girl of 14 years Jan 16th. But I have LOVE for a dog and now have Feather, whom I found on He is so precious and we are a great match. He will never be LuLu, but he's his own dog and I already love him.

I looked up your zip code and typed it into petfinder and thought this face in Sunnyvale was so precious.

The picture didn't copy/paste, but she's got a huge grin and she's white and a Great Pyrenees Please LOVE ANOTHER DOG and soon.

More About Madison-Adoption

Madison is a very sweet girl. She is about 3 years old, gets along well with other animals. She will be spayed, fully vaccinated and microchipped before going home. My Contact Info

Sunnyvale Animal Control
Sunnyvale, TX
(972) 203-4138

Your North
by: LoriAnne

I completely understand your loss. Know that eventually, the pain becomes amazing memories. Til then, know that the Love is what makes the loss so hard.

I believe dogs are more highly evolved spiritually than we are, as they know unconditional love - which is what most human religions seem to strive for. Also DOG is the only word that mirrors GOD.

In any event, please open your heart to canine LOVE again. North would not want you to suffer like this. Another dog is a whole new being, not to be confused with the being who no longer is alive. Love another dog - god knows there are so many who would want to love you.

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