Hogan, My Best Friend in the World!

I miss you big boy. I love you so much it kills me. You were NOT a dog, you were too smart and sweet. You thought you were human and you convinced me. My heart was ripped out today.

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Our Father Died
by: Lisa

Hogan, Annika, Baily... Tata died. He so loved you pounds. I am so happy he can be with ALL our pounds.

God, please reconnect Tippy, Snowball, Doxie, and Hogan, Annika, Baily, Sammy, and Kirby and Casey and all animals he loved.

Anniversary of You Leaving Me
by: Lisa

I think of you every day. I love you, Annika (rat girl) and Bails so much. It's weird that my new dog has all the traits of my 3dogsateers.

August 18, Big Boy, I lost you. I miss you soooo much!

Sad Times
by: Lisa

Bailey is getting so bad. She may join my pounds soon. Last of the 3 dogstateers! So sad, so sickened. Hope she can pull through, but it doesn't look good. Hind legs can no longer stand.

It just happened today, so quick. I'm at a loss.

Happy National Dog Day
by: Lisa

If Hogan and Annika were here today, what a National Dog Day it would be! But memories still keep my best friends with me...

by: Lisa

We moved, but I still feel you around, big boy. Dang I miss you and Rattie Mattaties aka Annika!

Bailey and I love and miss our best friends so much!!!

by: Lisa

I so miss my big boy and rat girl! Never forgotten! Always loved!!!

Always My Best Friends
by: Lisa

I miss you, Hogan and Annika. Moving back to SW FL. Wish you were with us. I love you so much boogies (big boy) and Annika (rat girl), my heart hurts all the time. You were amazing best friends!

Annika was so amazing, sweet with her toys. I can't wait to be with you pounders again soon. Best friends, Amen!

God Bless my pounds forever!!

by: Lisa

Gone, but really not gone. Forever etched in my heart. I miss and remember Boogs and Rattie Mattaties every single day!

If I did not have memories, I could not go on.

Love my best friends! Bails loves you!

I So Miss You Pounds
by: lisa

I still so miss, you friends. It's a lie, you don't go on and forget. Hogan and Annika are scarred into my flesh, my life, and I love it. My best friends. Amazing friends. I love you pounders so much. My children, my buddies.

by: Lisa

Hogan and Annika, my sweethearts, I miss you pounds so much. I hate to have another Christmas without Ratties stealing toys from under the tree and Hogan loving the dog bones. Wow, I miss you puppies.

Hogan n Annika
by: lisa

I know you were with me last night Big Boy, thanks! Amazing!

Love my best friends.

Gone but Never Forgotten
by: lisa

My boy and girl are gone, but never forgotten! Love Big Boy, Hogan and rattie matties, Annika! My best friends!

2 Years Too Long
by: Lisa

2 years ago you left me, Big Boy. Annika less than 2 years but it seems like yesterday.

Love my baby hounds so much. Miss the do beach and all the car rides. I know you are both "sitting up pretty" look, and think it is my buddies... and no.... sad.

Annika and Boggers
by: Lisa

Lost Mike, Carole, Joyce, Marie recently. I hope they can meet my 2 best buddies Annika and Hogan. I MISS U PUPS so much!

My Best Buds Are Never Forgotten, Always With Me
by: hogan and annikas best friend

I miss you guys so much! I think of you pups every day. I hear barks that remind me. I have everyday encounters that make me feel you pups are not far away.

I miss Hogan and Annika so much! Wherever I go, "Boogs" and "Rattiemataties" are with me! WE are one!

My Best Friends
by: lisa

I got some cancer scare stuff myself. I don't fear death if I can be with my boy and girl. Can't forget Bailey, love her. Thankfully, she is with me.

I lost 2 friends in the last month and a brother-in-law, but yet still want to be by Annika and Hogan. You guys are so perfect.

My Loves
by: Lisa

It has been so long, but I still feel you. We talk about my boy and girl all the time. Stay with me, my loves.

Hogan and Annika are the best! I love my pound hound friends 4 ever! Sit up pretty.

Annika and Hogan's Best Friend
by: Lisa

Wow, Annika, you are with us. Your picture popped up on a draft message. I just commented that it was one year ago this morning and this happened.

I'm in awe, shocked. Pretty remarkable.

I love you so much. I miss, my Big Boy, so much also. It is pretty freaky, but yet so comforting. Annika is with me and so is Hogan. Wild night! 1 year ago. How do you explain it?

Baily Hogan Annika
by: lisa

Baily is slowing down. I can not even comprehend life without my 3 buddies. I want to be with you hounds forever. I am sad, my 3 "dogstateers." What a team. When you died, I died.

My Friends.....
by: Lisa

I love you, big boy and rattie mattaties. I have been working at stopping pet owners from the cheap toys (Petco, Walmart, etc.). I tell them to watch where they are made. That they killed both my best friends.

Baily doesn't like toys, that explains it.

Love you puppies so much. Love my buddies...

Rattie Mattaties, My Rat Girl
by: Anonymous

Annika, I miss you sooooo much. You need to be here, my girl. Love you sooooooo much!!

My Big
by: Anonymous

Gone, but never forgotten. I love you so much and still know you are with me.

My Loves
by: Anonymous

Love my friends! Hogs, Annika... wow, how I miss you. Can't wait to see my lovards soon.

My Best Buds
by: Lisa

You are with us, my boy and girl! You are the best! I am sickened that both you angels died too young. But we still see you, Annika. Hoggies, I need to see you, my boy! I love you pups so much!

The Loves of My Life
by: Lisa

I miss you friends so much. I believe that you are with us for sure.

Annika, RattieMatties, I miss you soooooo much. This new house would be your heaven. We have a screened porch with a pool and geckos all over.

Boggies, it would be heaven for you also. You could smell all the smells around here, and there are many.

Love you, my best friends!

Best Friends
by: Anonymous

Heaven is lucky to have Hogan and Annika. I am not lucky. I think of you two all the time. Bailey misses you. It's weird, I still know my best friends are around.

My Friends
by: Anonymous

Hogan, Annika... I am lost. Bailey and I miss you so much.

I Miss You
by: Lisa

I miss you pound-hounds so much. You are so much a part of me. I think of you two all parts of the day. I love you guys! Heaven is lucky to have you. Thank you God!

My Love
by: Lisa

My heart is still soooooo ripped, Big Boy.

1 year
by: Lisa

One year... I am sad. I love you, Big Boy. You are with me... I know... I will never forget you, Big Boy!

1 Year Ago, I Lost My Best Friend
by: Lisa

One year ago tomorrow, I lost my big boy. I feel you with me, boogers! I miss you today as much as the day you died. I love my boy and girl!

Hogan and Annika
by: Lisa

My Buddies.... Boggies and Rat Girl, we are in Lakeland. I am so so missing my pups! I hope your souls followed us to Lakeland. You would love the room to roam. Bales loves the area, but she misses you too. I pray every day for my buds. Love you!!!

I Am Sorry
by: Lisa

Big Boy and My Girl,

We are moving to Lakeland.

I found Hogie's doctor report from March 2011. They noted abnormalities on his muscles which were never discusssed with me. They also said he was 12 pounds overweight. I was told everything as good. If this had been said verbally, I could have acted.

There was so much on the form that was good and normal, I am sick. I could I have saved my Big Boy. I love him sooo much. I still cry. I also miss my girl. Being a Retriever, she was doomed. God bless my babies. I miss them sooo much and feel guilty I could not do more.

My Babies
by: Anonymous

We went to Pebble. We missed my puppies so much. We felt Hoggies and Annika. They were with us. We are moving (more stress). God send blessings to Baily.

I miss my pups so much!!!!! It is a hole that can never be be filled. God Bless Hogan. God Bless Annika. The best ever!

My boy and my girl! I love you
by: Lisa

I miss you Pound Hounds! Today it is is 10 months that my boy died. It is 2 months since I lost my girl. She is so cool

God bless my Pound Hounds! They are saints!

B with Austin in Pebble!

Austin is at a new point
by: Lisa

Tomorrow Austin is graduating. He misses his friends so much. What a hard year. Hogan, my "best boy".... Annika, my "rattie mattaties"! I love you sooooo much!

Life can be cruel. It is hard for him. He misses his best friends sooo much. Baily will have to fill our empty hearts. She is so great! She is doing a great job. But she misses you buddies, I can see.

Another Puppy Sick, How Much Can I Handle?
by: Lisa

I am so worried about my only dog left. She is 9 and has hanging small cysts (2) behind her front legs. She also has a lipoma on her stomach/groin area.

I feel so sickened. Three dogs in less than a year, how cruel life is! Do they die due to the stress? She is still in great spirits and eating a lot. We are spoiling her to the extreme.

Maybe I am looking for something that can not happen. I do not know.

Two Weeks, Nine months
by: Lisa

My best friends in the World! Hogan, Annika and Baily!

Two weeks ago you left me, Annika. My "rattie mattaties"! Wow, life has changed.

Hoggers, I miss you so much. You two are together. That is my only comfort! Heaven is lucky to have you two!

My "Pounders"
by: Lisa

Annika, 1 week ago you left me. Hogan, 8 months ago. I miss you pounders so much. I miss Hoggie's paw on my foot, I miss Annika with her "rat." I miss both of you pounds showing me "pretty."

I lost so much when you died. Baily misses you so much. God Bless my best friends in the world!

I Miss You Guys Sooo Much
by: Hogan and Annikas best buddy

I'm sad! I miss you puppies sooo much. Pray for Baily, my best friends. She missses you. It is sad. I want us to be together again, but it only happens through memories right now.

Life's Too short
by: Lisa

It has been one day since Annika passed. I miss her so much. Hogan, I am sure you love having Annika with you again. This makes me happy.

Baily misses you guys so much also. I so miss my puppies together. Life is too short! RIP my loves!!!!

I don't have much of a heart left, it hurts so bad.

I Lost Another Friend
by: Lisa

I lost Annika today from hemangiosarcoma. She was only 7 1/2. How much can a person handle?

She gave me so much comfort after Hoggies died. Now she is gone also. Two weeks ago she was running, swimming and loving life. No hint that she was going to die in a couple of weeks.

Big Boy and Annika are together. I am broken up. Bless my Best Friends. I wish this was just a bad nightmare. How much more can a person handle?

My Loves
by: Lisa

Tomorrow might be the day. The only part of my heart left will be gone. Big Boy, I miss you sooo much. I still cry.

Now I'm losing your stepsister in the next day or two. Hogan and Annika, may God bless you forever, my loves!!! I love you soooooo much!!!!

Hogan's Sister Is Dying
by: Anonymous

Annika got a grave report today. She has only about 2 weeks left. She will soon be with my big boy. I am losing two friends in 7 months. Tomorrow is Easter. I am so devastated.

My Boy
by: Hoggie's Best Friend

Love you, Big Boy! I still feel you near me and miss you sooooooo much, my Boy! BFFE!!!!! HOGGIE LIVES FOREVER!

Half a Year
by: Hogan's best friend

6 months. It was like yesterday. I still feel you with me and have seen miracles. God bless my Big Boy!!!! I love you soooooo much!!!!!! Hogan, I love you!

My Big Boy
by: Lisa, Hogan's best friend

I sent a comment last night. This morning something happened that can not be explained. I know I can not communicate through a website, but wow! Thank you God! Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ! The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Big Boy, I Miss You So Much!
by: Hogan's best friend

Thursday is hard. I know you are with us. I love you! Nothing is normal. I miss you. You are so smart and I am sorry if I did not do more. I hate cancer and I hate vets that can't give an educated answer.

I will not go back to our vet with your sisters.

I miss you sooooooo much! Hogan, my best friend in the world!!!!!!!

5 Months, Still Hurting
by: Anonymous

The world is cruel. Miss you, my love! You are forever my favorite boy!

Thursdays Are Hard
by: Hoger's best buddy

I can not ever live life again as I did when you were here. My big boy, best friend in the world! We were all over America together.

I just wish that the Banfield Doc could have helped you and we could still explore more of life together. Wow, I miss you! Big boy, you are so pretty, loving and sweet.....life goes on .... love u!

Happy Thanksgiving my best friend, Hogan!
by: Anonymous

Happy Thanksgiving, my big boy! Wow, how I miss you. I hear dogs barking and they sound like you. I get happy and then sad. It is not you.

I wish you were with me this Thanksgiving, just like the past. You are not here. I will be with you soon!

The King
by: Hogan's best friend

12 weeks, that is 1/4 of a year. Time does not heal as they say it does.

I miss you so so much! I wish that there was more investment in veterinary care. You are better off, but we are not together.

I love you sooooo much, my boy.

Big Boy
by: Lisa

10 weeks! Love U forever! My best friend, my love!

King (Hogan)
by: My best friend's soulmate!

Today is 9 weeks. I love you my boy. I know I will be with you soon. I miss you so much! You were everything. You helped everyone! It is amazing you were found a "pound-hound" You are a Saint!

My Friend, My Soul-Mate
by: Lisa, your best friend (who is lonely)

Thanks for watching out for us. You are a Saint in Heaven. 7 weeks. Love you

My Big Boy, My Love
by: Lisa

Today it is 6 weeks. I love you so much. I cannot stop missing you. I do not not feel your presence anymore by my side. I guess that is good (you are in Heaven). But, I still cry and miss you.

I know God has a special place for you. I know it is in Heaven. You are experiencing all the "car rides" in Heaven you so loved. You do not need "puppy training," haha.


The King
by: Anonymous

Big Boy, the King! RIP

Godspeed Big Boy
by: Hogan's best friend

5 weeks that you have been in Heaven. Godspeed!

RIP Big Boy!

My Best Friend
by: Lisa

Love you Big Boy!

4 weeks. I am still so sad
by: Lisa

Miss you Big Boy! I am so thankful for this website. I really can not explain it. The support and understanding that we can not find in the "real world" is amazing.

I chose not to keep your collar. I did not want to be reminded. It was probably dumb on my part, but I was devastated.

I remember that a tag fell from Hogan's collar a few days before he died. I thought it belonged to my other dog. Today I found out it was Hogan's. Now I am so thankful I have something. I was devastated when Hogan died. I am looking at this tag as a sign that he is well.

I love you Big Boy! You are a Saint!

by: Sharon


Hogan is in heaven. There would not be a God if he weren't.

Years ago, my neighbors had a Golden Retriever named Hogan, which is what makes me think of your Hogan. An older couple owned him and they liked walking him.

One day Hogan was walking down the street by himself. The man who owned him was mowing his grass and didn't notice. It was so funny. I said "Hogan, you must go home. You can't walk around the block by yourself."

I headed for his house and he followed me. He was a beautiful dog, as I am sure your Hogan was too.

Hang in there, Lisa. It will get better.

Hogan, My Big Boy
by: Lisa

RIP, my Big Boy. I love you so much! We miss you! Every day is a challenge. I cry myself to sleep every night! I know God blessed you.

Big Boy
by: Lisa

It is 2 weeks ago today. It amazes me. I ask Annika "let's go see Hogan." She looks at me peacefully, not wanting to move, she knows.... I know he is in Heaven. I love you, Big Boy!

My Boy
by: Anonymous

I am still so sad. All I can say is that I miss you, Hogan, my Big Boy! You will forever be in my heart!!!! I will continue to miss you.

Memories of Hogan to come!
by: Sharon

Hi Lisa,

I have been trying to come in and support others who are going through this pain. Somehow, it seems to help me, and the people going through it.

I know it is very hard. I catch myself feeling the other side of my bed and it is empty and it makes me sad.

I think we go through stages of guilt, anger and just sadness and then one day we will laugh about some of the crazy and loving things they did for us and how much better our lives were with them in it.

Hope this helps a little bit.

For Hogan's Owner
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

So sorry to read about big-boy Hogan's passing. Please know that I feel really sad for you at this time. Yes, we all do feel that our dogs were really not dogs, but humans in doggie fur because they were all so terribly smart and so darn sweet. Yes Sireeee!!!

You quite rightly said what we all feel. But guess what! They are dogs and as it turns out, God put them here on earth to give all that extra loving that we humans don't normally tend to give. Where are you going to find a human running to the gate, wagging its tail (if ever there was one), jumping and licking its owner EVERY SINGLE DAY for how many years?

Let us all be thankful and grateful for these extra-loving and faithful creatures that spend usually a short time with us.

Hogan is resting comfortably in Heaven, if not playing soccer with the "boys." May you keep Hogan's wonderful spirit and treasured memories with you always. Peace and Love.....

Thanks for Your Support
by: Lisa

You are so sweet to respond. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day. I have counted the hours after his passing. Now, it is getting more than I can count but I am still stunned and heartbroken.

It is really hard when I go to bed and he is not there by my side. Everywhere I go, I am reminded of my Boy, with my memories. I realize now that is what keeps me going. I don't know how, but it does.

I miss you so much Big Boy! This past week I found fault with your doctors and everyone you came in contact with. Today, I am seeing that you are in a better place and maybe it was pretty bad.

I miss you Big Boy! I love you!!!

by: Sharon

I know it will take time to stop crying and mourning your loss. I still am. They say if you feel the presence of your dog, it means they have come to let you know they are ok. I hope in some way this helps.

Thank You for Your Support
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much. I feel so bad. I loved him so much. I have had dogs and cried when they passed, but I do not think I can get past losing Hogan.

I felt him pull on my right hand yesterday when I walked, like he had so many times on his leash. My son said he heard him breathing next to bed last night.

Today we experienced nothing. Just sadness. I hate it when people say dogs can not go to Heaven. They are so unbelievable, they define Heaven.

Thanks for your support. Love to you and your loss!

by: Sharon

I am so sorry for your loss and grief. I know this comment will not help you at the moment, but I do understand the pain. I lost my "Carley Girl" back in May.

I still miss her so much. She gave me the unconditional love that I needed. She was always there for me through the good times and bad.

Do not let anyone tell you not to be sad. He was such a big part of your life. No matter what, we know in our hearts that someday we will look back with wonderful memories, and we also know they will be waiting for us at heaven's gate. Take care.

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