Gus Gus...We Will Always Love You!!

by Lauren

Gus, you were the wild thing our family had been waiting for. You gave us a lifetime of memories full of joy and some seriously funny entertainment! Where do I begin?

Dragging the lawnmower across the lawn while mom was mowing the lawn. You had a true vendetta with the neighborhood lawnmowers. Running through the fence to attack our very understanding neighbor's lawnmower. You enjoyed endless days of landscaping your own way in "YOUR" yard.

Gus, your backyard garden was anything you could eat, dig, rip apart, or carry throughout the yard in your big slobbery mouth. You especially loved carrying your logs -- not dog bones -- logs!

Oh, the puppy days when you jumped on top of the kitchen table and then weren't sure how you were going to get back down. Playing tug-of-war with dad, and in one case with lattice instead of a rope or towel.

Gus you were truly one of a kind. The days when life was tough you were there to plop yourself in my lap as if you were a tiny lap dog and not the manly English bulldog you were. We were so spoiled by your love, and we would not have had it any other way.

You loved swimming in circles and biting the water in your swimming pool and basking in the warm sun for hours. You were a gentle giant with a zest for life. You loved the snow and could not get enough of crawling and digging through your snow tunnels on the deck.

You drooled on everything that came within several feet of you, so for years I had to dodge you right after you would lap up a big bowl of water. You were the worst watchdog at night because when you were asleep, you were asleep. I kind of know how you feel. Sleep is good.

Everyone that met you instantly smiled. The family always smiled when you wiggled your butt because you knew you were getting a treat. Your personality was like no dog I have ever seen, so when I say you are irreplaceable, I mean it. You were mom's personal assistant when cooking in the kitchen and you did an excellent job surveying the area for anything dropped on the floor, so you could devour it right up!

Gus, I loved you the moment I picked you up and held you in my lap on our way to the family home. You will always be the entertainer in our family, and memories that we share of you will keep that spirit alive. We love you Gus!

Gus Gus...our English bulldog who made every day an adventure one will never forget.

We will always love you! Keep on chasing those lawnmowers and prancing around with your logs in tow!

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To Gus Gus's Mummy, Lauren
by: Karen

John Breed said it all. The things Gus Gus did (from your account) made me laugh. What a talented dog and so cute-looking. Please accept my condolences on the loss of such a great pet!

Dogged Into a Corner
by: Allison


Your tribute was beautiful and laugh-inducing. I know how much Gus meant to you and your family... He was family. And always will be. I am confident that he is chasing many lawnmowers up there in his never-ending yard.

I just wanted to share with you my favorite Gus moment.... or moments. Every time I came into your kitchen, he would joyfully bound at me and manage to corner me in that one corner by the stove. And he would sit there and look at me, butt wagging. :)

And I will never forget the endless laughter you and I shared one of those days as we were trying to take his picture, but every one came out blurry because his butt was wagging so much! I smile just thinking about his antics.

I love you!

PS- Dodger just told me he wishes he could have met Mr. Gus/ Surely they would have been a comical duo. Not mention the pile of firewood they would have accumulated together!

Thank you
by: Lauren

Jo-Ellen and Uncle John,

Thank you so much for the kind words. The grieving process is a little less painful when we remember the joy he brought into our lives. Thank you for the support.

True love
by: Jo-Ellen

You wrote a beautiful tribute to your pet. Lauren, your Gus Gus enjoyed the life and the love that most people aren't able to experience. Good luck to you and to your family on the loss of a truly wonderful dog. He was lucky to have you as his mistress.

Best Dog I Never Owned
by: John Breed

I have heard hundreds of dog stories in my life - from bird dog bragging to pampered poodles - everybody has one. That said, no dog story has every made me laugh as much as hearing about Gus and the lawnmower incident.

I also loved hearing about how he would take his blanket out of the dryer. Clearly he was a dog with many talents.

While he may be gone, I hope you never stop telling those "dog tales" as they are timeless.

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