Guardia My Sweet Boy

by Deb Valentine

My sweet boy, Guardia, you had to leave this world on March 11, 2018, because your body had just worn out from the hard life you had had before you found me.

I miss you so much it hurts, every day, single day, but I have learned that that will never go away. I just need to learn to live with it, but it's so hard. I never even knew your exact birthday because that neglectful man who left you outside behind the chain link fence of a junk yard for 8 years — he just told me you were 8 years old.

When I found out that you had been left outside, I was traumatized just knowing that, and decided that no matter what, I was going to change your situation by any means necessary, which only took one day.

I am so grateful to have had you for the short time I did — 2 years and 7 months. It warmed my heart watching you sleeping on your couch, not having to worry about anything anymore. You never got to go for walks until you found me and then you became a walk-a-holic. You had so much to catch up on, so many things to smell, so we walked every day, sometimes 3 times a day. It was great! And I miss that so much.

I was so happy to have the opportunity to spoil you because you are a special boy and you deserved to be spoiled. I always felt that Mr. Baby, who left this world just 5 months before you found me, brought me to you because he wanted you to have a better life. He knew my heart was broken because after 10 years he was not physically with me anymore. And he knew all you wanted was love and I had so much love to give you.

You and Mr. Baby taught me so much, and I am so grateful for that. You taught me how to love unconditionally, gave me purpose to continue even when I felt I could not. There was another addition to our soul family about 2 months after you had to leave when I volunteered to foster rescue doggies, which is how Marco Polo found me.

The rescue asked me to foster a little 3 legged dog from Thailand, they acted like this was a burden, as if no one wanted him. After having him for less than a week I knew I had to adopt him. I love him as much as I love you two.

I will continue to do everything I can to abolish cruelty, and continue to help and love all animals very deeply during my time here. And when my time is done here, I know we will all be together at rainbow bridge.

Guardia, I miss you so much, I miss you. Mr. Baby knows I miss and love him. I know you and Mr. Baby are together.

Love, your forever ma maw

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