Grandma Misses Mustang Ever So Much!

by Jan Jones
(Mansfield, OH)



My sweet Mustang, oh how I wish I had just five minutes to pet your ears and get a lick of the face and see your behind jiggle, jaggle. You know how you touched the lives of so many, and most of all this granny who misses you so much.

I will always love you. No matter what, there is a special place in my heart that not another can touch. Someday my little labbie, someday I hope to see you at that wonderful place where we are allowed to reunite.... I just know there has to be a place, there just has to be a time and I know you will find me and lead me to a glorious ever after.

I love you so much Mustang. Play my boy and know that we think of you every day, always. I will always remember the wonderful times I spent with you. You were loved so much.

Our Mustang passed away on July 14, 2010, as a result of a very sad outcome of surgery. A little being who lived for such a short time in our lives but left an everlasting memory forever.

Grandma loves you Mustang. See you soon, precious one.

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My Beautiful Boys in Heaven
by: Jan Jones

Hello to my boys in heaven, Dennis and Mustang. I send my endless love and devotion to the two of you. It has been so long since I have been able to share time with you. I miss you dearly.

I find it terribly hard to send a ball through the air and not see one of you return with it in your mouth, all goobered and wet. I believe that there is a heaven and that you are there with our little Westie, Sugar, all waiting so patiently, wanting to be reunited as much as I do with you.

The days linger on and the thoughts of you. The good times we had seem so very long ago.

Have a grand time together and romp and play with the other doggies who likewise are waiting for family to come for them.

I love you and miss you so much. Be safe, and know that I have not forgotten you. Big hugs with much anticipation in my heart, until I see you again someday in the future... xoxoxoox

Grandma and Mom. xoxooxo

I Thought of You Today, As I Do Every Day!
by: Granma Jones

Hello my beautiful grandpuppy, Mustang.

I hope by now you have caught up with Dennis, who left for the Bridge on May 3, 2016. I miss him terribly. Not a day goes by that my heart does not cry for him, as I do you. I hope that you and Dennis are playing and romping, doing doggy things and patiently waiting for us to meet up with you once again.

I am sure you have made friends with many other doggies who are also waiting for their families to arrive and take them on their way. Heaven must be a beautiful place, full of lots of love and tenderness.

It is so lonely without you and Dennis. There could be no other puppers like you two. I see your Daddy every so often. I know he misses you as much as we all do.

Granma sends her lovies to you. Be good and have fun with Dennis.

Love you always, my little Mustang.

Granma Jones

Grandpuppies are a Blessing
by: Jan Jones

When people say "It was only a dog" I want to hush them up and move them out of my way.

Mustang passed away five years ago from complications of surgery. He is missed every day and thought about. Looking to the skies and sending my little grandpuppy my love and lots of "Puppy Blanket Hugs."


Sending Love to Our Mustang
by: Grandma Jones

Dearest Mustang, I am sending this to you from a place you once called home.

I know you remember us. How could you forget the perfect place where love was bountiful? I think of you every day, even though I have a houseful of critters that make up the Labbie Puppy Ranch Gang. I tell them stories about you and how you use to twist your butt and shake your tail whenever you came to visit Grandma.

I see so much of YOU in my Stella Belle. She is a yellow Labbie Girl, but has your style and build, such a perfect one that truly brings thoughts of you every day as I watch her play and dance in the tall grass, running like the wind.

Dennis sends his love to you and wishes you could be here to play tug tug. Do you remember all of the secrets we shared?

I will see you someday again, my Mustang.

I love you.


Mustang the Beautiful Labrador Retriever
by: Viola Carey

♥♥♥What a beautiful dog Mustang was. I love your photographs, and the comments are so special. Grandmas make a difference in all pets' lives.

We have little four pawed family members running with your Mustang now, so he is in good company, vice versa.

We send our love to you.♥♥♥ Mustang smiles down on you.

Viola Carey

Beautiful Mustang
by: Baxter

We are sorry that the pain is so hard to endure. Think about the good things going on in Mustang's presence at the thereafter place where he waits for his family to meet up with him. They say it helps to believe in this hopeful moment.

Bless Mustang and may he be watching over you. He was a beautiful boy.

Baxter Boo

Lab Love is FOREVER
by: TOBY

What a precious dog Mustang must have been. He was so lucky to have such a loving and caring family. Sometimes life throws us a curve and even the best LAB can not capture its powerful move.

Mustang is with you in heart and memory. Trust that someday, some moment in time, you and your family will be reunited with Mustang. We are told to believe. I, for one, do BELIEVE.

Bless all those that lost the love and presence of Mustang.

A True Lab Lover
by: A Granny Too

I share your feelings and sadness at the loss of your wonderful companion and GrandPUPPY. God only gives us these special beings for a certain period of time and then calls them home. He fills the heavens with love and joy and leaves an empty spot in our homes and hearts.

Mustang, you were loved, there is no doubt whatsoever, as your Granny talks about you so frequently for all to read. Be happy and patient, and know that you can look down and see the world below from that special place above they call the Rainbow Bridge. We all believe. Those who do not never loved a Labbie.

Big Smoochies sent to you from earth to your cloud above.

Labbies Are So Devoted
by: Anonymous

It would be oh so hard to let go of your pet but the feeling and knowledge that someday you will see this beautiful being again makes the sting less intense.

God Bless all animal lovers who have had to let go of their fur kids! Blessings for precious Mustang who has so many here on earth looking to the skies to catch a glimpse, a flickering of light, a drop of rain or the sound of his bark.

You were truly loved, Mustang.

It is about love and patience
by: Mustang's Granny...

I believe that Lyla is in your heart and your memories keep you going here on earth. Bless your heart, as I know Mustang is with such awesome company. He did not get to play much with other dogs and I am thinking that Mustang is looking around saying... "MY dad does not like me playing with other dogs and getting dirty." I know my Mustang is having the time of his life playing Tug Tug and doing his fancy foot moves like he always did to show off. He would turn his head and look out the corner of his eyes to see you when you cheered him on.

I hope that Mustang is having a great time and spies Lyla and lets her know that she has to be patient too, just like him.

Thank you for sharing thoughts. Bless your heart. Lyla is in good hands, trust me, I know so. Mustang and all the other little four leggers are on a level of patiently waiting for us to swing on by and grab a collar, their collar to hug them tight and give them lots of OOOOOXXXXXXXXX.

Thank you God for caring about our kids. You have a big job in a big heaven, but that is easy for you.

Sleeping babies
by: Danya

I miss my Lyla too and know that one day we will see our babies again. I still feel she is with me and I can sense her. But she's happy now and is waiting for me :0) as Mustang waits for you :0) xx

NO underground fences, YEAH!!!
by: Grandma

Dear Mustang,

As I sit here and think about you on this very sad day, one that has changed many lives forever, especially Grandma's, I think of the things that remind me most about you.

I remember how daddy wanted to make you stay in the garage while he worked so that you did not get into trouble and get hair all over the house. He installed an outside underground fence so that you would be able to roam outside and do your business and be independent. He then had to make a big hole in Grandma's side garage door and install a doggy entry - exit door. He made many changes just for you. I know you would have rather stayed in the big house and not the garage, but you were a big boy and daddy trusted you not to go where you were not allowed.

I think about the time when you lived in Ada with daddy and you went all the way across town, by yourself, out to the big trailer park going out of town. WOW. Daddy was so worried and upset thinking you were gone forever. Some nice family saw you, got your identification tag and called daddy. Wowzee, that was quite a fright. Grandma was getting ready to come to help look for you when she got a phone call that you were found.

Daddy was so happy to see you although you thought you were in big trouble. Well, you were in big trouble but I do not think you got a butt spanking, I doubt that. You never did that again. You had to have been very scared to have become lost and separated from your daddy and glad to see the big old flat bed truck of daddy's coming for you to take you home.

I just thought about these things and want you to know that I have great memories of things you did with Grandma. You were so loved and now so missed. No more electric shock collars to keep you confined in a yard. I know God lets you all run and play and have fun. There are no boundaries in Heaven. That is just how heaven is.

Be safe and happy until we meet again, my precious labbie. Grandma loves you so much. Be good now, hear me?

Love you always.


by: Mary Mcquain

You and Mustang are in my thoughts and prayers today. I know how it feels. I will forever be bonded with my dear doggies that I love so much, and I too believe we will be reunited, for a love so strong can not be broken.

Believe me, I understand how you feel. I could tell you a story about my Tasha, you would probably think I must have been dreaming, but I wasn't, so I know there is a place where they wait for us.

Love, Mary

I am thinking of you always....
by: Grandma

Today marks a whole year since you left our world and ventured on without Grandma. Just know that you are thought about every day and are loved more than ever.

Grandma misses you and NO other dog could fill the spot in my world you once occupied. I LOVE YOU MY SWEET BOY MUSTANG. You will have a spot in my heart always and forever and one more day!!!

Love and puppy hugs to you.

Grandma Jones

Puppy Pillow
by: Grandma

I hugged my big puppy pillow today and thought of you and it brought back such happy memories of times when you would sit on my lap and want me to hold you, big BOY MUSTANG who was well over 70 pounds.

Splish, splash and throw some rain drops down our way, big guy, to let me know YOU are OK.

I LOVE YOU ALWAYS... Grandma Jones

I dreamed a dream about you today Mustang
by: Grandma

As the year anniversary of your passing nears, my heart aches so heavy for the loss of your presence. Today I slumbered into a simple sleep, one that I truly needed to refresh a worn and tired body. As I jaunted through the back yard of the oh so familiar place I once called home and that of yours as well for such a long time, I saw a big yellow tennis ball that goes to your sling shot that grandma bought you.

And there was the dragon toy grandma bought you that daddy would not let you play with on your own. He must have given in and let you have it. A good daddy he was for that. I also found your big bones that you carried around so proudly, and there was the big swimmy pool that you teased grandma over. That was YOUR swimmy pool and you loved it so much. The water was still waking and moving about. It brought tears to my eyes as you were not in the pool.

And then all at once it became not such a nice dream... there I found your collar, the pretty one that you always wore and loved so much around your neck. It was hanging on a hook all by its lonesome. NO MUSTANG. It is a dream I have over and over time and time again. I wonder if you have dreams of grandma, daddy and Beth when you are slumbering during the day.

I only hope you are running, jumping and enjoying the beautiful world you are sharing with so many other labbies that, like you, are waiting for their families to come meet them. YOU know that someday soon we will all see you again.

Have happy and snuggly dreams and know we love you so much. Grandma misses Mustang ever so much!!!!

You are always in my thoughts
by: Grandma

Not a day goes by that I am not reminded of the love and joy you brought in to our lives, sweet Mustang. It will soon be a year that you left us to lead the way to a glorious place where, one day, like the blink of an eye, you will be reunited with those that loved you.

To know you are no longer sick and suffering is in itself a reward for us. Sometimes it helps, just a little bit, to send you a message, although I know you cannot read, but then you don't need to. YOU know that Grandma and many others love and miss you ever so much. Puppy Pillows to you my boy.

Love you lots, Grandma

Grandma misses Mustang ever so much!
by: Grandma Jones

As the days gently slip by I am constantly reminded of you, my sweet Mustang. I know you are in a safe place for now, and someday, someday soon you will be there to say Hello to Grandma as she brings a big hug to you.

I love you so much, and while you are not here to share the times with me, I know you are watching over all of us with a wagging tail and a yearning to be part of us again. Soon my sweet labbie, soon.

Be good my sweet one. Love, Grandma

Grandma misses Mustang ever so much!
by: Jan Jones

Our Mustang always loved to chase the cats, and his daddy always allowed him to do that. Grandma hopes that Mustang minds his manners and knows that Boo Boo Boots is Grandma's pretty Tuxedo cat that spread his wings and went to Rainbow Bridge at 5pm on November 18, 2010.

Grandma loves Mustang and knows he is going to be a GOOD BOY! You are missed so much and the holidays are hard to manage.

Take care of Boo Boo for Granny.

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