Goodbye for Now, Spanky and Ricky

by Jeff
(Salt Lake City, UT)

We took in a rescued Terrier named Ricky two years ago. He had lived a rough life as he flinched even to the slightest of touches. He would bark at any faint noises. To be honest, it would piss me off oftentimes. He sounded like a chicken when he barked.

We were able to show him love, shelter, and friendship for the best of the two years. About two weeks ago he died in his sleep. I have no idea what happened.

Spanky was a pug who was born in 2004. He lived with a few companions that passed on throughout those years. He had the funniest snort when he breathed.

In my busy life I had a normal life with normal things. And I experienced great losses of literally everything when the economy collapsed. Still, with the little money I had, my favorite luxury was getting doggy treats at the Petsmart. They would light up like little firecrackers whenever they heard the bag crumble.

When Ricky passed away two weeks ago, Spanky stopped eating. He was depressed, and didn't want to do anything. After a few days we started taking him to different vets. They diagnosed him with typical companion loss depression for a dog, which later turned into a bad liver. Spanky passed away last night.

Here I am in an empty home with no barking, no snorting, and a full bag of doggy treats with no pups around to give them to. And this is the only way I can express my grief.

Spanky and Ricky, I will always love and miss you. You were always there to give me your full attention when my world was dark, which it has been for some time now. If there is a god, I sincerely hope, pray, and wish that you two are together in happiness. Under the warmth of the sun with the company of beautiful and happy spirits.

I don't understand life. But what I do understand is that it is not fair, but you two were naturally happy beings who were there to brighten the dark world around me.

Love always and forever.

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Spanky and Ricky
by: Carrie

Jeff - Spanky and Ricky were so fortunate to have you take such great care of them, to spoil them with treats and give them the love they deserved. I'm so sorry for your loss.

It is so heart-rending to lose the pups we love so much and who give back 110% more.

I hope your memories of the both of them bring your heart and mind peace.

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