Gamba, My Furry Child

by Niki
(Sylmar, CA)

It has been two years now since the passing of my beloved Gamba girl. Just now I feel I am able to write a little something about her.

I was blessed that she came into my life at 8 weeks old. She was one of 4 left in the litter of her sisters when I got to meet her. I tell you they looked all alike! I had heard that your furry child picks you. So after meeting them all and wanting them all, the difficult time came to choose. I had my friend gather them all up as I made my way to the other side of the yard. I kneeled down in anticipation. As my friend let them go, I called loudly, "Come here, babies! Come here!" Only to find out that they all wanted to play with my friend, ignoring my voice that was so full of love and want. Just as I stood up to walk back over there, she came. My little furry Gamba, the only one running to me as her sisters stayed to play.

Her little ears perked up in the wind, like she knew that by choosing me she would have a lifetime of love. She was right! I picked her up and kissed her puppy head! For my child chose her human mama! And so life began with perfect puppy months... fast potty training, a calm nature, and a soul so gentle and pure.

Gamba was in my life through moves, education, friends, relationships, vacations, wonderful times. In sad times, she would come up and lick the tears that formed on my cheek.

My first real responsibility, my first real love. So life came and went, and she hung on and lived 17 beautiful years. Even at the end, when she was weak and skinny and old, she still ate and tried to show me she would hang on another 17 years for me. But I knew it was time, the saddest time in my life.

I had a vet come to the house. As Gamba laid on her tiger blanket and I laid beside her, gazing into her eyes, she fell asleep peacefully.

I know she made me a better person. I had the privilege of having her in my life, of having her as my furry only child.

I will never forget your love. Til we meet again, my love, Gamba... til we meet again...

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I feel the same pain
by: Nicoletta

I lost my beloved Tina two weeks ago. I wasn't so lucky to have her in my life for a long time. I got her from a shelter almost two years ago. She was already 12 years old, and had been in the shelter for 8 years. When she came to live with me she was like a puppy again. She loved the mountains and the long walks. She squeezed into these two years a lifetime, and she loved me like no one will ever be able to do.

I thought she had still many years to spend with me, but I was wrong. Losing her was devastating, but I'm still going to adopt another old dog, even knowing he will not be with me for a long time. No one will be able to take Tina's place though.

Your Beloved Gamba
by: Ron

It is so heartbreaking. I'm so sorry for your loss.

It sounds like you and Gamba had an awesome life together. You will see her again, I'm sure of it.

They definitely break our hearts when they go. I wish they could be with us forever.

Rest In peace, Gamba Girl. God bless you both!

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