Fryer, an Unsuspecting Friend

by A sad friend watching from afar
(San Diego, CA)

Fryer Smith, a black lab with a skittish disposition, deemed unlovable and wrong, came into the Smith family awkwardly and unsurely...replacing a position of a beautiful Belle who had shoes unfillable.

Fryer, much like the life he most likely first experienced, was frowned upon by relatives and judged immediately as 'no good'....walking into open arms that only Marian, Gene and a former inmate had open to him, not understanding that he could be loved.

Faced with a new home after only briefly feeling the security of a safe place ...a prison cell....he was again forced to adapt and trust that there were actually two more people in this world who would be kind to him, love him, need him and respect him as the tall, loyal companion he was meant to be for someone.

With little expressive ways, except those of fright and nervousness, Fryer began a life in the Smith home and after a short time, realized this man and woman would provide him with the environment he'd so long deserved. Fryer diligently protected the Smiths at every moment, made his mark in their hearts as a family member who would always be and helped shape a loving and happy life for he, Marian and Gene.

Fryer was able to accomplish the impossible and win over a man's heart that had never, in 80+ years, felt love for a dog. Only Fryer could have reached his new family member, Gene, in this way and forever change him. Fryer gave something to Gene that is impossible to describe in words, it only could be seen when watching the two together...strolling down Sunfish Ln, on one of their daily walks together that became a piece of Gene's heart that will always remain just for Fryer.

With the trust and love Gene formed for Fryer, which Fryer had delivered to him first -- and which also was the most the impossible to occur...Fryer had a difficult life until the Smith home and possibly no other but Gene could have gained his trust, loyalty and love....Fryer, an unsuspecting friend.

Fryer will live in Gene's heart, as well as Marian's, for eternity. The family and friends of the Smiths will always remember Fryer and love him for creating the impossible bond between Gene and a pet...he gave so much to the Smith family.

We are forever going to remember you, Fryer. Thank You for the life you lived and gave.

We Love You

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