by Tracy
(Stockton on Tees)

Freeway was a yorkie who came into my life six years ago this month. He was six years old and homeless. It was love at first sight.

At the time, I was feeling really down. My only child was grown up and I missed having someone or some thing to care about. Then came Freeway. He just fit straight in, no problem. Apart from work, I never went out before he came along, and now we were going on long walks three times a day, which we both loved.

He filled such a big hole in my heart and life. he never left my side. I used to call him my stalker because he followed me everywhere. Two years ago, my beloved dad died and I do believe Freeway got me through that. I couldn't just mope in bed, he needed me. His walks became my therapy as I did a lot of crying then.

He was diagnosed last year with a collapsed trachea and enlarged heart, but with medication he was okay. Tuesday night he was coughing a lot but Wednesday seemed to rally round. Wednesday night he started to breathe funny so took him to the vet Thursday morning.

She said he was in heart failure and was not going to get better. So he was put peacefully to sleep in my arms.

I did not think it was possible to cry so much. Freeway was not just a dog, he was my baby and my life. I am heartbroken. I hope he knows how much I loved him. Freeway was my first dog and my last. I feel he was sent to me for a reason. We needed each other. Now I have to carry on without him.

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Please Reach Out to Another
by: Laurie, Holly's mom

Your Freeway was there when you needed him, you were there when he needed you. You obviously needed each other in a way that only dog lovers can understand.

My Holly died in my arms on March 15, 2011, after only being sick for 3 days, that I knew of. They don't want us to see that they don't feel well or that they are not strong.

Freeway knew how much you loved him, that he was everything in your life. He would not have left you alone if he didn't have to, ever. Unfortunately, our babies have to go, usually before us... maybe because they know that they couldn't go on without us.

Please, give another baby a chance. There are many out there who will love you as much as Freeway, in a different way, but you will also love them in a different way.

I miss my Holly so much, I still cry almost daily, but I now share a place in my heart for another rescue who needed me more than I believe I needed him. I love him. He's not my Holly, but he needed a warm, safe home.

by: Jenni

I have 8 pets. All rescues. My Sydney passed last week. He was the first pet loss I've experienced. I still don't regret that I've got at least 8 more to go. Please love again. You're worth it and so are they!

RIP Freeway
by: Anonymous

My Co Co was a rescue also. She was the joy of my life after my mini Schnauzer "Fritz" died at 14.5 years of age.

Like your Freeway, Co Co was an older, unloved, homeless dog with sooooooooooooo much to give back.

I lost my baby girl this past December to an illness we could not defeat. She's in God's care now but my heart still aches for her like yours does for Freeway.

Don't give up. You have so much to give another unwanted animal that desperately needs to give back to you.

May Freeway find peace in God's green fields and may your pain be eased soon.

So Sorry
by: Anonymous

Please don't shut the door on another loving animal, just as you needed freeway. There is an abused or lonely pet who needs someone to love them and save them.

Do your mourning and never forget your beloved pet, but do not shut down. There is another life out there to be saved. Love again. There is a sweet guy or gal who wants to give you sweet kisses.

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