by Jess and Ian

Franny was a nine year old Rhodesian Ridgeback female pooch. She always wanted to be a mom and got her chance last year when we 'rescued' a little dog from a gypsy. The little dog and she got on immediately well.

Tragically, Franny could not stop licking her leg. She had had an operation that went wrong on her cruciate ligament. They had to open up the op. twice and the area where it was operated on could never heal due to Franny's licking.

We tried every device on the internet and with our vet. Every medication to no avail. Fran finally ended up having to wear two plastic collars. A tube for her neck, and an Elizabethan collar on the outside (she could get past the Elizabethan collar to her wound).

This went on for 2 1/2 yrs. It never healed and she got an ear infection last week. The vet said the time had come, to which we agreed.

We would just like to say that on the last day of her life, we took the collars off the night before. I let her off the lead to walk into the field where she had caught a rabbit a while ago and she remembered that moment. She had a big bone to chew.

The vet came to our home and she was laid to rest after a sedative, peacefully in her bed.

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My Dear Jessica
by: Terry

I'm so sorry your doggy passed away. She was loved very much!! I know how hard your tried to keep her well.

May God comfort you and bless you. I love you!

by: Raina

Hi Jessica and Ian,

So sorry to hear about Franny. She will be sorely missed. She was such a mild natured and friendly dog, but her ailments did prevail.

Hopefully she will be at peace and without pain wherever she is now.

Take care.

Love, Raina

You Did Well by Franny
by: Joy, Truro

So sorry to read of your loss. You gave Franny the opportunity to be a substitute Mum to another little soul and despite her frailty, you made it possible for Franny to revisit her old rabbit 'hunting' grounds one more time and enjoy a big bone, before you had to part.

You did well by her and she will always be with you. Love never dies. xx

So Sorry To Hear.....x
by: Angela

You will see her again one day and I know she will thank you both for all the love and care you gave her. She was a beautiful gentle giant.

May she rest in peace. Our thoughts are with you both at this sad time.

Much love. xxx

by: Luba

How difficult this must have been for all. Perhaps she's practicing her mommy skills in doggie heaven.

RIP Franny

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