Forever in Our Hearts

by Angela
(Palm Bay, FL, USA)

Dear Brownie,

I write this with such a heavy heart, I can't seem to stop the awful ache. You were abused and abandoned in life by people who had no regard for you and only wanted you to breed and take your puppies and sell them. They left you to fend for yourself.

When you came to my home, starving and hungry, I fed you, I gave you water and I so wanted to do more. I tried for over a year to catch you and I begged for help from so many agencies and no one would help me. I tried to trap you, I tried to win you over with the food and treats. I would spend my weekends just sitting and watching you for hours, waiting for you to finally trust me and come to me. You were so unsure, yet you looked at me with those longing eyes. I wanted to give you a loving home and protect you from all the harms of the world.

You finally would bark and play a little when I would bring you your very favorite treat, the busy bone. I knew time was of the essence with you living outside, alone and unprotected, but I guess I did not do enough. I failed you somehow because Sunday, August 7th, 2011, when I went to bring you your breakfast, I found you in your favorite spot, not moving. You had been hit by a car and died. I was not there with you in your last moments and I wish I could have been there to comfort you and, yes, protect you.

I want you to know how much I loved you and wanted you to be with me at home where you could finally know what it meant to be loved and cared for. This life is very unfair and can be very cruel, but I hope I brought you some comfort and happiness with the days we spent together. I hope you loved your breakfast and dinner and all your special treats. I never got to pet you in life but I finally got to pet you in death. You were so wonderfully soft and smooth.

How beautiful and special you were. You will always be in my heart and soul. I am hoping that one day I will be with you again at Rainbow Bridge with all my other beloved animals from over the years so we can all be one big family together. I will never forget your beautiful amber eyes.

If I failed you in anyway, I am sorry, I love you so very much. Rest in peace, my beautiful Brownie. You were so loved. We placed a beautiful memorial for you. You deserved so much better from life. You deserved to know what a hug felt like, a belly rub and so much love!

Forever in my heart!

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Thank You
by: Angela

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It helps me very much. I miss my Brownie so much. I look at my 2 dogs at home, Millie and Ginger, and shower them with all the love I can. Oh how I still wish Brownie could be here by their side, receiving all this love too.

To Angela on the loss of Brownie
by: Karen, Owner of Tiger

Dearest Angela, you never ever failed Brownie. You added more time to her life by feeding her and caring for her from a distance. I loved that picture of Brownie with her two massive chrome bowls. Brownie was a really beautiful dog.

So sorry she had to live most of her life miserably. She knew deep down in her heart though that you loved her, but she was terrified of falling into yet another trap.

You are a kind, sweet and most loving person for wanting to give this dear creature so much undivided attention and care. You deserve all God's blessings. I was so sorry to read though, of the way in which you had to find her one day and finally had a chance to pat her and tell her that you loved her after her eyes were closed forever. So sorry that she wasn't alive to feel a warm loving pat over her nervous body.

You did your best to help Brownie and she knew it. One day and in good time, I hope you will get over your loss and acquire another pet that would surely need all your love. God bless you forever.

by: Wayne

Angela, what an amazing tribute. Brownie was fortunate to have found you. I'm sure that you made things better for her in her last days even thought she could not quite overcome her fears.

I am so sorry for your loss.

by: Anonymous

Brownie was a beautiful boy. You tried so hard. Don't punish yourself. You gave the dear little soul comfort, warmth and love, and he will remember this.

Love never dies. x

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