Forever in Our Hearts, Keesha

by Robin

Today I had to make the hardest decision for me, but the easiest decision for you.

For 13 years you have been a part of our lives -- our first dog. What joy when we found you at the animal rescue league. You were a digger from the very beginning. You dug your way into the side of the hill -- far enough that all we could see was the tip of your tail.

You ate the couch, the remote, playstation controller and don't even leave tissues or toilet paper around!

Three years ago when we found you had Addison's, we knew our time with you would be shortened. At that time, I told you that when you were ready to quit fighting, all you had to do was tell me. You gave me that message today. When I held your head in my hand and looked into your eyes, I saw the light had already gone. You were tired and ready to go home.

I sat on the floor with you and stroked your head and held your paw as you quietly slipped away. I was proud to be able to do that for you. You were one of a kind and I was happy to have you in my life. We all miss you -- Tucker and Sophia know that you are gone, but they know you are in a better place.

Enjoy running, digging and playing in the way you haven't been able these past few years. You will forever be in our thoughts and memories!

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What a sweet story
by: Teresa

What a sweet yet sad and oh so familiar story.

I'm sure she is running, digging and playing just like you want her too.

It has never failed to amaze me every time I visit these pages how all of us loved our dogs so much and are honoring them in such a way that would truly make them proud. Just the fact that we have taken the time to write them a memorial speaks of how much they meant to us. I think it is wonderful.

I had no idea until I lost my Bodie after 15 years that there were so many who felt the loss like I have.

Keesha had a wonderful happy life and you can be proud of that. She loved you as much as you did her and I'm sure she is waiting for you in heaven.

I'm so sorry for you losing such a good friend and family member.

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