For My Little Girl Mia

by Paul Masters
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

My 8 year old Miniature Schnauzer, Mia, was diagnosed with liver disease. She was given 6 months to live in late January 2011. We had to let her go on the 19th July 2011.

Nearly two months on, I still cry for you nearly every day. I miss you so much baby.

I promised you I would never let you suffer,
And that was the hardest promise I've ever had to keep,
To let you go so you could be free,
I said goodbye as I held you close,
Your little heart was stopped so quickly,
Your little head lay so peacefully,
I put you down in the cold dark ground,
But your spirit is running above us now,
My scared little baby, please don't cry,
I will always keep your place here by my side,
I wish you didn't have to leave this world,
You were so small but such a big part of my life,
I love you so much, I struggle with this loss,
I feel so empty inside; I miss you so much,
I would give anything to hold you one more time,
Thank you, my baby, for loving me so much,
Goodbye my baby, my darling little girl.
I Love You Forever.

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My Miniature Schnauzer Roxy
by: Cindy

I just put my little Roxy down January 8, 2018. She was 10 year old when she passed. She was my companion, my best friend.

God sent me a very special dog. He knew this little dog needed someone who would stay beside her. She was a strong and brave little soul that made me love her even more.

She had bladder stones, Cushing’s disease, and diabetes. Along with the diabetes she got cataracts, I did everything I could to try to get her cataract surgery so she wouldn’t go blind.

Schnauzers have high triglycerides. They had to be low before the vet could do the cataract surgery. We had just a small window of time to do that before glaucoma set in.

Glaucoma in dogs is very painful. There's nothing that can take care of that pain except removing the eyes. Roxy had both eyes removed and the sockets stitched shut.

She lived the last two years in the dark. Don't get me wrong, I think Roxy had a good life. She seemed happy and tried to play.

I love that little dog so much. I arranged my life around her meds and not wanting to leave her. At the end, it was her liver and kidney that failed. It is a week ago today we finally set her free.

I'm lost. I'm sad. I thought I would have just a little more time with my baby.

My heart goes out to you
by: Karen

My heart goes out to you at this time of grief. Mia was such a beauty! Keep those fantastic memories of her close to you. I hope that, in good time, you will feel less heartache than what you are experiencing now. Peace and love!

by: Wayne

I am so sorry for your loss of Mia. Our furry friends become so much a part of our lives and the pain is terrible when we lose them. It gets better with time, but we never forget the great times we had with them.

I lost my Akita in December and I still think of him every day.

So sad...
by: Angelique Daley

Oh man, I am crying. So sorry for your loss.

Hugs and comfort to you.

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