For My Baby Cricket

by Judi Nail
(Lindsay, Ca. USA)

Cricket in bed

Cricket in bed

I wasn't looking for a baby when I witnessed you being hit on the road. I didn't know you then but I gathered you up and found you help. It took 6 months before you were well enough to be adopted. My daughter, being 12, was determined to make you hers, but you had different ideas.

You became my baby and for almost 14 years no one ever saw me without you. You had lots of cute little tricks, like sitting up to beg, waking up each morning and cleaning your face and eyes, and howling in syllables "I love you."

You would sit and stare at me for hours on end. You always made me feel good because you loved me above all others. At the end of the day you would cuddle with me and curl up against the back of my legs in bed and go to sleep. I never felt alone as long as I had you. After years together it was almost as if you could read my mind.

Two days before you died, the vet said your liver and kidneys were failing and you had heart problems for a while so I was going to put you down. As if you knew, you struggled to get down and went to the bathroom right in front of the vet's office as if to tell me, "See, I'm ok, don't give up yet."

I fed you baby cereal and water through a syringe for two days before you finally went limp in my arms at the vet's.

Our bond was so strong that even then you kept trying to stay. Your little body was worn out and your heart too, but it kept starting up again as if you were desperately trying to find your way back to me. But your little body couldn't take much more so I let you go.

But I will never forget you, Cricket. You will always be part of me. I felt as if half of my heart was ripped away as you left, but someday I hope to see you again. Until then, my Mom and Dad will watch over you in heaven.

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Still Missing My Cricket
by: Judi Nail

He definitely was an angel. It's been over a year now since he died. I still think about him and miss him. I have two new puppies whom I love dearly, but Cricket was special and will always be the one I will gauge all others by.

by: Robert

He looks like a angel.

One of a Kind
by: Judi Nail

There is something I forgot to mention about Cricket in my story, that is that he brought me joy every single day of his life! He was always doing something that would make me laugh or smile.

When we finally adopted him, he was skin and bones. After a few months he bloomed, and his coat got sleek and shiny. My daughter noticed after four months that a pattern developed near his shoulders, and said, "look, he has angel wings."

I always felt he was meant to be my dog, a true gift from above. I loved him so much! He brought me joy every day he was here!

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