Fifteen Years, Tori

by Kathy



It has been 2 days and it feels like years. I miss you like no other. Sasha misses you too. So does daddy. I was waiting for you to wake me up last night.

You went through so much with me, my dear friend. When I get to heaven you are the first thing I want to see.

You were so strong for us for so long. I am sorry your last day was miserable. But I know you didn't want to go. You tried your hardest to get away from the medicine that would take you to heaven.

I know you are no longer in pain. I am feeling the worst pain I have ever felt.

Until we meet again, my sweet Tori. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you for all the love and companionship these 15 years.


Oh, by the way, Tori, you made it to the front cover of I didnt even know until today!!! Miss you.

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So Sorry for Your Loss
by: lorraine

Your memorial truly touched me. I could feel your sadness and pain and relate to it oh so well.

I am so sorry for your loss of Tori. It gets a little easier as time goes on but still hurts.

I wish you peace. I am sure you gave Tori a wonderful life.

by: Toris mom

Thank you everyone so much for your kind words and thoughts. She is very special to us and is missed beyond words.

Devotion and Courage Personified
by: Bruce

Kathy, I saw your posting on RB last week. You are so blessed to have shared the 15 earthbound years of love with Tori.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful Am Staff, Brutus, for nine far-too-short years.

He passed May 3rd of 1989, and it's the sweetness and care he showed every day for his extended family (poodle mix brother Danny; cats Kit Kat, Sara, Buster & Petey; doxie cousins Honey and Ramblin Dog) and all manner of human adults, children, and infants that I remember most.

Bless you and Tori and your beautiful shared love.

by: Dorothy Morrell

What a beautiful picture and tribute to your companion of 15 years!!! I lost my two dogs Trixie & Zoli in the last 8 months. :-(

I feel your pain. I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful Tori.

Lump in My Throat...
by: Biggs

I just lost my beautiful Alpha dog in April this year (Nacho) and now my old girl's time seems to be up too soon.

Reading about Tori gave me such a big lump in my throat. We SO BADLY wished our pup would just fall asleep one night, but his pain got too much and we had to have him euthanized. It was heartbreaking and I still long for my Nacho.

Knowing my girl Gina might join him on the other side soon, I hope she will cross over peacefully in her sleep. I don't know if I can handle another euthanization.

I hope to see all my pups again, if it is my time to cross over... and may we never be apart again.

I am sure Tori and Nacho are having the time of their life on the other side and will be waiting for us, with wagging tails.


by: Barb

My heart breaks into a million pieces when I read these posts because I know this pain of losing someone you love so much and who loved us back enormously. No greater love than that of our ever faithful companions. God bless each and every one of them.

REL Tori
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. I felt the same way and still do after losing my Polly on Aug 17.

Tori is in a good place and will always be with you.

We will both see our beautiful dogs again.

I wish you the very best.

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