Emma 1998 -2012

by Teresa

I lost my best friend May 26 2012. She had one day left at the pound before they were going to euthanize her in 1999. Best $50 I have ever spent!

I truly believe I was meant to have her. The sweetest face and in those eyes I saw nothing but love, so much that when I looked at her, the love was so strong I would even cry then because I actually felt it physically.

I miss her so much that I do not know if I can get over it. She was constantly sitting next to me, laying next to me, my every move for 12 years.

Her passing bothers me but now I doubt the vet that I took her to. There was no compassion so I am feeling guilty that maybe I should have done something more, taken her someplace else, but it was Memorial Day weekend. Few options.

Guilt is killing me...what if the vet was wrong.

This has changed me as a person. I am no longer going to be the same because I do not feel that extra love I got from her every day. Her furry face isn't sitting there watching me get ready for work.

I just don't care about anything anymore and feel absolutely no happiness right now. I have had 2 dogs before but this one was a special bond that I cannot explain. She made me smile every single day since I brought her home from the pound. I must remember that THAT is what it was all about.

The pain I am going through, I would do it again, just for her.

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Thanks Craig
by: teresa

Thanks Craig. I just hate to say but I am still lost. If I think about it, I will just lose it. I miss her. It's difficult to cope.

I hope you stay strong and just remember, Moey and Emma KNEW what it was like to be loved for the short time they were here, they gave love as well and that is not a bad life.

Our Loss
by: craig

Theresa, I lost my Moey 1 week ago and I feel the pain you have in your heart and soul.

I related to your memorial so much. I am crying as I write this. I, like you, feel like I will never be the same. Our dogs were BOTH very special. I am trying to get over the loss of Moey like you are with Emma, and right now it seems impossible.

Thank You Kim
by: Teresa

It has helped reading other people's stories about their furry sons and daughters. To know that I am not alone in loving an animal so much that it's this difficult to get over. Your kind words mean a lot.

Thank you.

I Understand
by: Anonymous

Theresa, look for her face in the clouds. Read all the comments that are sent to you and know that others feel what you are feeling.

Yes, this will change, but don't let it depress you. Instead, change into the person that Emma would be proud of.

I know. I lost my Beau July last year and I still am crying.

Give yourself time. Feeling the guilt would happen regardless because they are helpless and we are the caretakers.

Just look for her face in the clouds. You will see. Feel the memories and the love.

It's Hard but Know Emma Is Always With You
by: Kim

Teresa, I won't tell you I know what you are going through, but I do know what I went through, having to put down my baby 11 months ago.

Her name was Brittany and she was my life. I was blessed that she almost made it to 14 years old. I thank God for the gift of Brittany and the joy she brought into my life.

Please know Emma is with you in your heart forever. And if you believe, like me, Emma is still with you. She is just your extra special Angel watching over you until you meet again. Kim♥

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