Dendel's Sweet Maggie May

by Melissa Dendel
(Lake Orion, MI)

Today I feel such overwhelming pain, my heart aches like nothing I have felt before. Today I lost my best friend, my confidante, my lovable, kind hearted, trustworthy, furry daughter.

Maggie was my very first dog... I picked her out, paid for and named her. She was all mine and god was I the proudest pet owner ever! I always knew I would eventually get a female black lab and on a whim I did just that.

To say I struck gold is an understatement... from day one Maggie was the most perfect dog, so well behaved, so adorable, so everything good - even non-dog-loving people liked her!!!!!

How do I begin to cope. I dread laying in bed without her there. I'll miss her bark to come in. I'll miss her demanding a treat before she actually ate her "din-din." I'll miss the boat rides with her. I'll miss her whisper barks when she was trying to get my attention. I'll miss watching her enjoy a beautiful day. I'll miss her stinkiness because she refused to get out of the water day in and day out. I'll miss her standing next to the bed waiting for permission before she jumped in... if I wasn't there the bed was fair game. I'll miss watching her interaction with my 3 human daughters. I'll miss the way her paw pads smelled.

I'll just simply miss knowing she is around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God help me get through these days... it really hurts!

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so sorry
by: Lisa Greene

I just had to put my 13 year old female lab, Jazz, to sleep last Thursday. I feel your pain. You know when you get them that they won't live forever, but somehow, it doesn't seem possible that someday they will leave you. I miss everything about my dog; her smell, her bark, her snores, and the clicking of her nails on the wood floors. I hope that time will help ease your hurt and sorrow.


My Dakota and your Maggie May
by: Lynda

I read your post and am so very sorry for you.

I just lost my beautiful golden retriever Dakota and he was the love of my life. I was his favorite person and we just got each other. He was with me all the time and I am beyond pain. I miss him so much, so I understand. People say time will ease the hurt or at least change it. Dakota lit up my world. God speed Dakota and Maggie May.

by: Gina

Melissa - I cannot believe your message and it took my breath away. I went and picked out two lil french mastiff babies Saturday night. How funny is that?

The kids and I talked about Spanky wanting us to love other puppies the way we loved him and the kids are sooo very happy. It's mended my heart a little and I felt a little guilty, but my husband and I still cry for our boy. Get yourself a pup, you'll be glad you did. We can share pictures! My email is

Thank you for your sweet messages, they mean so much.


Thank you/ Advice
by: Bridget

Thank you for commenting on Lucy.

It was very hard to lose her, but I think we have to remember they are in a better place now and are no longer suffering. I understand that you don't want to disrespect Maggie but I also think that the longer you grieve about her the sadder you will feel.

I also think that if you do choose to get another dog it will help you remember all the good times you and Maggie had together. You can also enjoy again the moments of just sitting down and patting her ears or taking her for a walk.

In my recent days I have noticed that when ever I see a dog, I miss Lucy, but no longer do I want to avoid dogs. I want to go pat them or talk to the owner.

Once again, thank you for commenting and I hope my advice will be able to help.

by: Gina Parrish

Both Maggie and Spanky left us on the same day. We are without a doubt both in the same place emotionally today. It gives me comfort to know I'm not alone but very sad to have anyone share the same grief.

Thank you for your nice words. I know that Maggie had the best life and would want you to share that with another when you are ready.

You are also in our thoughts.

I understand
by: Anonymous

I read your story about Maggie, Melissa, and as usual when I read these stories, it brought me to tears, which is why I usually don't read them. It always reminds me of May 14th this year, when I lost my dog Mischief and how devastated I was.

Mischief meant the world to me, she was dog perfection. I still have her two sisters and one brother, but she was the special one, she was my housepet and the best thing to ever come into my life.

I know how you're hurting, but as time passes the pain will lessen. I still cry when I think of her from time to time, but I try to just remember how lucky I was to have her for those eight wonderful years. I hope in some mystical way, she is still out there.

If you click on quote search to the left and search Mischief, you can read my story about Mischief called My Big Beautiful Bear. It can be comforting to know others understand your sorrow.

Take comfort also in knowing she had a family that loved her very much.

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