Delila 4 Yrs Old. Our Little Freaky, and My Little Pooper

by Allison
(Las Vegas)

Can I Have a New Bone Mom?

Can I Have a New Bone Mom?

Delila, when you came to us as a tiny frail baby Maltese, less than a pound...

- We held you tight to keep you safe and fed you good healthy food to make you strong.

- I got frustrated at trying to teach you to go good potties because you were so hyper and crazy and made little crazy noises like a little gremlin!

- You started to grow, and bark and play up a storm.

- You gave our Older Maltese Darla her 'spark' back.. and forced her to play even when she didn't want to

- You had a voice that became so clear and sharp. You began to show us all of your beautiful, sparkly, crazy and persistent personality.

- You learned great potty and wiggled your bum to show us to get your well deserved reward treat.

- You LOVED your bones.. and you LOVED our affection. I gave you kisses and hugs and stopped EVERYTHING to love you whenever you wanted it.. I NEVER took it for granted.

- When you died so suddenly during what was supposed to be a routine dental procedure, I cried and cried. We've been in shock, constant sorrow. I didn't think I had any more tears, but again, here they are

- I hold your blanket as I try to sleep at night. I keep your urn by our bed, and I hold it tight when I need to. I cry into your little Round furry bed.

I miss you, my little Pooper. I want you back. I would give my life to have yours back here on Earth.


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Happy Birthday Our Little Pooper Delila
by: Anonymous

Today would have been your 5th Birthday. I never dreamt that we wouldn't have been able to take you for an ice cream.

We miss you so very much. I still cry, and June 10th it will be one year that you've been gone. I still kiss your urn every night, I still hold your blanket every night. I miss you and I always will

We love you, little pooper


You will "Always" be remembered with Love
by: Linda LaBine

Dear Little Delila,

You made quite an impression on our family and the loving family friends when you came into your Mommy & Daddy's lives.

A spark of Excitement, Fun and Games were awakened in your new home... leaving your new big sister "Darla" wondering what had happened!!

You gave Darla a magic pep up pill and your home some rejuvenation.

When I visited with your new Cousin "Presley" the two of you hit it off with a bang, as you chased each other up and down the stairs, and neither of you wanted to go to bed. It was a nonstop week of fun!!!

When I came to babysit for a week another time (so your Mommy & Daddy could take a small get away) you awoke each day with excitement and a little tail that wiggled nonstop with love, trust and happiness.

You so enjoyed our walks and our little games of tag.

God Bless and Keep you safe in Heaven with your Great Grandma, Grandpa and my little Spanky in heaven...untill we all meet again.

Love your Grand and Presley

Do Not Get Your Dog a Dental at the Vet's Office
by: Allison

Do not get your dog's teeth professionally cleaned at the vet's office.

Instead, clean the teeth yourself from a young age and make your dog get used to a daily routine.

You brush your teeth 3 times a day.. clean your dogs at least twice a day.

Our older Maltese has been fine, she is 9 this year and has had this procedure done three times. We will never have it done again. We now brush her teeth twice a day, once after her breakfast, and once after her dinner before bed.

It's worth it. We lost our Precious Delila and we will never have her back.

Take the time everyone. I will forever regret making her appointment.

Precious "Little Wild Thing"
by: Jeannie and Leo

You were a gift to us all, Delila Wild Thing. We have such great memories of a little lover girl whom WE loved as our own. We will miss you always, but will NEVER forget the joy you always gave, the way you cuddled and gave kisses, and how you made an ordinary day special as heck.

Love you forever, Auntie Jeannie and Uncle Leo

Your words
by: Diane Williams

What lovely sentiments. She is close by, hun, really close.

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