Daddy's Boy Bruiser, Forever

by Randall

The Dog of My Life

The Dog of My Life

I've had other dogs before, I have other ones now. I've never had anything like the life I shared with Bruiser. Bruiser and I bonded on a level like no other.

He's been my dog since day 5 - he was his mother's dog the first 4 days. He was born in my garage. When I scraped and cleaned the garage floor, the other seven puppies cowered in the corner of their pen, afraid of the noise. One little puppy wandered around between my feet with no fear. He knew his daddy wouldn't hurt him.

When I came out to the garage and called, "Who're my doggies?", seven puppies clamored at their pen to get close to me, one little puppy hung back just a little and jumped up and down like he was spring loaded, "Look at me, Daddy!"

For ten years and eight months, this wonderful creature was my soul mate. We shared dozens of little affections every day of our lives together. Our mutual affection was unconditional and selfless. So many, many rituals of affection.

He would wait on me to dress after my morning shower, then walk up to me for his morning rump rub and petting. Jumping for his morning snack before I left for work. Kissing me every time I sat for any reason, to change my shoes or put on my slippers.

Every night he would jump into bed with me and put his head on my pillow and give me kisses. Generally he would get up and sleep on the floor but at least a couple times each night he would paw the side of my bed so I would roll over and pet him while he kissed me.

Our walks in the woods, his tail held high, he would prance and trot and sniff exciting things while I sang to him. "Go bye bye!" and he would bark and spin in circles for a ride with Daddy. I took him with me everywhere. He would tip the driver with gentle kisses on the side of my face while I drove. He would sit in the passenger seat, proud to be with his Daddy and not let more than a few minutes go by without giving me a kiss.

No matter how irregular my schedule, he would go to the front window ten minutes before I got home and wait, watching for me. Then he would be barking, leaping and rushing to greet me with kisses and brushing against my legs. I never wanted to be apart from him any minute I didn't have to, and he was always glued to me.

I've cried my tears for other dogs whose time came. I've cried a river for Bruiser. I held his face against mine while the needle injected the killing dose. I see him everywhere, I think of him every minute. He is a huge part of me for the rest of my life. I was so very, very blessed to have shared his life.

I am so devastated and heartbroken that he is gone and I can never have the miracle of his companionship again. My life will go on, but the rest of it will always be looking back for my Bruiser.

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You Said It All
by: Janey's Dad

Peace to you.

RIP, Bruiser.

From Me to You
by: Amber

My dog Pippin was my 24/7 buddy, so with your heartache over bruiser, I know your pain. Yes, our lives move on, but with something learnt and also with someone missing.

My Quotation
by: Randall

For some men, God's greatest gift for this life is a dog. God's price for that gift is he takes the dog back.

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