Chloe With All Our Love For Ever Died 24th April 2012 aged 14

by Jean Finan
(United Kingdom)

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes

Brown Eyes Chilling Enjoying the sunshine Lazybones

My son in law Mick Ward and my daughter got Chloe from a dog's rescue shelter at 6 weeks old. She had her daft moments as a pup and chewed the full carpet in half and rove all the stuffing out of the settee, which at the time they were not very pleased about, but she was so lovable you had no choice but to forgive her.

For a little mongrel she was so unlucky. She had to stick to a special diet, had numerous operations on her ears, and used to sometimes wear socks because of irritation to her paws from the grass outside.

We all loved our little dog dearly. She was our best friend and part of the family. When Heidi was born 5 years ago, she loved the dog and Chloe protected her and followed her all over. She loved going for walks in the woods and down the beach and in the cemetery.

Chloe had to be put to sleep on 24th April on the vet's advice because she had a heart murmur and her health deteriorated rapidly.

We all have cried so many tears but now we are trying to remember the good times. She was privately cremated and her ashes will be scattered at the cemetery by Michelle, Mick and Heidi.

We will all love our little dog for ever and send all our love.

RIP Chloe. We will always cherish your memories.

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Our lovely dog Chloe
by: Jean

Thank you all so much for your comments, they mean so much. May all your loved pets rest in peace with Chloe.

by: Saffy

I'm sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful dog. It's a shame they don't last forever and that sometimes we have to put an end to their suffering as they cannot say anything.

I lost my baby today, missing her already. They form a big part of our lives. Bless them.

Pretty Chloe
by: Robin

Chloe was such pretty dog! I loved seeing her zonked out. In the chair with the roses in the background was my favorite.

You did a nice write up about Chloe. Remember the good times.

Big Jed
by: Anonymous

Our neo mastiff, Big Jed, died the same day as Chloe. He went to the rainbow bridge on the 24.4.12. I hope they are all pals up there.

It was very heart breaking. He was only 3 and a half, with heart disease.

So Sorry for Your Loss...
by: Biggs

What a cute pup. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope your hearts will heal soon.

I just posted my Nacho on this site too. I am still a bit in shock. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on the 17 April 2012, only a few days before Chloe. I trust Nacho welcomed Chloe to the other side!

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