Cherub my Angel ....

by Caz Collins
(Cape Town)

One of our last snuggles

One of our last snuggles

I got Cherub for my 16th Birthday. She was 2 at the time.

The LAST thing I wanted was a maltese. YUCK! But as the years went on, we did everything together. I watched her grow old, lose her sight and hearing ... and was with her till her very last second.

We had 16 years together. I held her as the vet injected her. I still can't come to terms that it was my choice for her, but I MUST believe it was the right one.

I love you Cherub. Forever in my heart. You were there for me through so much! HUG!

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1 year 4 months!
by: Anonymous

Wow, time flies! 1 year and 4 months, baby girl. Mommy loves you and thinks about you all the time!

9 months!
by: Caz

I can't believe it has been 9 months. I still speak to you when I need you and I know that you are still shuffling around the house. :-)


7 months
by: Caz

Hard to believe I haven't had a Cherub snuggle in 7 months to the day! But you're still my number 1 doggy! Love you!

Hello Cherub
by: Caz

Still think of you all the time, my baby.

5 months
by: Anonymous

Miss you little Angel ... I wrote in your book last night, turned your crystal and fell asleep thinking of happy times we had. LOVE YOU!

4 months yesterday
by: Caz

Thought of you Stinkbum! Lit a candle and snuggled your blanket that Nana made for you. Love you!

3 months
by: Caz


6 May
by: Caz

You've been gone 3 months today Cherub. I LOVE YOU :-)

2 months yesterday
by: Caz

Thank you for that. I certainly hope she did know I was there. Cherub was also a big niggly and anxious when they put the rubber band around her little skinny arm. Not a nice memory.

Thank you for your words. It helps to know that other people know how I feel. Miss her terribly!

Such a hard thing to do!
by: Julia

Lucky was also 16 years old (and 9 months) when he went to sleep. What a testament to a good life they had--they lived so long from our love! :) (That always makes me feel better to think of -- hope it helps you too.)

Such a hard thing to do!
by: Julia

I recently had to do the same thing for my sweetheart, Lucky. It was so hard to make the choice to put him to sleep and it was really hard to see him get anxious when the Vet gave him the needle, but I know that he could smell me, and he even licked my hand during his anxiety, so I know that he realized I didn't leave him.

I think, for dogs that get so old, when their sight and hearing are lost, that knowing you are there and smelling you, they know you didn't desert them in their final time of need. That is such an important thing.

You helped Cherub by being the friend she/he needed at that last moment. I know when I die, I would just want someone I love to hold my hand too. That's what you did.

It's hard, and I still cry (even now) but I know that at least I did that right by making that choice to be there with Lucky.

by: Anonymous

Thanks guys. Chechi! LOL Forgot about that name. SHWEET!

by: Ros

Aw sweetheart. You did a very brave thing - absolutely the right thing to do. Never doubt that! Sending big-ups to Chechi in the sky!

The right thing
by: Wallace

It was the right decision and you saved her from her agony and gave her the best life she could have had. No doubt about that ever!

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