Candy, You'll Be Missed, My Girl

by Deepika
(India, Jaipur/Australia, Melbourne)

It had been just 5 years and 2 months since we got you. My lovely golden labby girl. You were so naughty. You did not just stay in one place. You loved running after people and scaring kids in the park.

I can't forget your love for soft toys, your squeaky toys, your love for empty plastic bottles, the phone receiver you chewed, the door stoppers and the slippers you used as your boredom breaker. I can't forget how much you loved your biscuits, chew sticks, chicken, fish, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, bananas, mangoes, etc.

I can't believe I lost, you darling. I can't believe it's true. Mumma, Papa, bro and I miss you a lot, sweetheart. All of us did not really know what took your life. Was it the stroke that you felt at the last moment, the black vomit or the sound that came out of your lungs? All I can tell you is we made all attempts to save you. We took you to the vet every day, and did what he said. We tried our best, baby. I wish I could have been with you when you took your last breath.

I don't know if should I be happy that you were relieved from those black vomits, that unending internal pain, and that you rest in peace today. Or should I fight with God about why didn't He cure my girl. Why He had to take you away from me.

I still can't stop tears rolling down my face. Mum is really alone without you, my girl, and everyone misses you. The house is empty and depressing without our sunshine. I can't believe my 5 year and 3 month old little girl has gone. All I can say is that we love you a lot and will miss you for the rest of our lives. We have lost a family member, the youngest kid in the family. No one can ever take your place, sweetheart.

My girl was buried in a park just in front of the house, 4 days ago. Candy, I don't know if you are aware but mum was there when you had glucose drips. She loved and hugged you all the time. Dad was there with you (I know you love him and mum the most) and he completed your last rituals.

I hope you rest in peace, baby. I don't really know if there's life after birth, but if you take rebirth, our wishes and blessings are with you, baby. Have a happy and long life. I don't know where are you now, but mum, papa, bro and I can't take care of you now. You need to be a good girl and take care of yourself.

Muah, my big girl.

We have kept all your toys, winter jackets and your bedding as a memory forever. Canna, I really wish our paths cross again. Your death was a sudden shock and great loss to the family. Come in our life again, sweetheart, so that we can live happily again like before.

I love you, my princess. Take good care of yourself, like mum and dad cared for you. You have been a wonderful kid and you'll always stay in our hearts till we meet again. Love you, my baby. A big hug and a kiss for you. Take care till all of us meet again.

Your dida.


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Miss You, Canna
by: Deepika

Muah, how's my girl doing? Canna, not a single day passes when I don't miss you. I wish you were here with us. Mumma misses you a lot, baby. She looks at the place every day where you are resting. No one ever thought you would leave us at such a tender age.

You matter a lot to us, Canna, and no one can ever take your place. I am lucky you came our way. Little angel with naughtiness in her eyes. Just can't forget the day you came home, naughty and playful. The days spent with you will always be cherished and will stay in my heart forever.

For everyone, you have left us and gone, but for me you still remain in my heart forever. The world doesn't understand why I grieve for you so much but mum understands and I am sure you also understand, my baby.

I miss hugging you, kissing you on your forehead, playing with you, teasing you. I know I'm not going to feel those moments again. All I know is I've lost my little girl.

But you are buried in my heart, Caannie. Love you my girl. Come back soon :-)

Love you baby
by: Deepika

How are you doing shoni? Nanna teri bhot yad aati hai. I have never seen anyone with such a selfless loving caring and pure heart. You are the best Candy and will always be the best. Not even a single day passes without missing you. Its still hard for me to believe you are gone. I still feel when I'l go to India, you will come running and will jump with joy.

Don't know whether I will be able to bear the emptiness or not. Life is really harsh Canna, it takes away your loved ones, leaves you breathless and souless at times. It hurts alot when I say to myself that you are gone and will never ever play with us, fight with us for your toys ur joy rides ur walks. I miss the time spent with you Canna. No one was prepared for what has happened but you still stay in our hearts and will stay there forever. Mum and dad love you and miss you a lot.

I hope God is taking good care of my princess and keeping her safe. Take care of yourself Canna and be strong. I ask God to protect you everyday from all harm and danger. Dont worry Canna and dont be scared , you are a big girl and have blessings from God and your loved ones. You'll be allright bacha. Stay strong and happy and enjoy your current life till we meet again. Love you my angel. Take care.

Miss you baby
by: Deepika

Canna, this year has been so bad, I wish it would have never come into our lives. I'm glad this year is coming to an end tomorrow. I can't ever forget the worst day of this year, when we lost you.

Muah, rest in peace baby. Hope you are enjoying in heaven and playing with other dogs. Hope you are strong and healthy again. I miss you a lot, kattu. Not even a single day passes when I don't miss you. Mum misses you every day. You were our light. Even though you are gone, you presence is felt every day.

I haven't seen a living being more pure at heart than you were. You will stay in our hearts forever and will always be missed. Muah love you, Canna. Take care till we meet again.


Miss You, Candy
by: Deepika

Hello my sweet little angel, how are you doing? Is God taking good care of you?

You are in my prayers every day. I missed you so much on my birthday today Canna. Muah just wanna give a big hug to you.

Stay happy my girl. Miss you heaps.

Hope You Are Fine
by: Deepika

How are you doing my little girl? It has been a month and 3 days since I heard your voice. I miss you so much.

I hope God is taking good care of you. I pray for you every day, Canna, and ask God to protect you from evil, to be with you, care for you and shower his blessings on you.

Muah hope you are happy. I know you would be missing papa, mumma, bhaiya and me. Stay happy my girl play a lot. Play a lot with your soft toys, go out for joyful rides.

Muah hope to see you again, Canna, in our lives. I wish God listens to me and answers my prayers.

Miss you, kattu, from the core of my heart. Take care baby, we will meet soon. Love you.


Miss You Candy
by: Deepika

Candy, it has been four weeks since you left us. My heart cries for you and I miss you a lot, Canna. I asked God to cure you so that you could lead a happy life with mumma and papa. Why did he take you away, Canna?

I miss the moments we spent together. I wish a miracle happens and you come back.

How are you doing, baby? I ask God to take care of you and to protect you. I hope you come back soon in our lives, Canna.

Mumma misses you a lot and so does everyone at home. I have lost my cute little sister. I am sorry, Canna, that we couldn't save you.

Your memories are here forever. You were a part of our family and will stay in our hearts forever. God will answer my prayers and take care of you till we meet again and mumma, papa, bro and I can take care of you.

I will wait for you, Canna. Take care Shoni, I miss you a lot. Muah love you, Canna.

Love You, Canna
by: Deepika

It has been three weeks, Canna, since you are gone, but not a single day has passed without a thought about you. I hope you are doing fine, kattu.

I miss you a lot, baby. I just wanna give you a big hug and tell you that it's hard for me to believe you are gone. The pain is so deep and unbearable, I just want to hug you and never let you go anywhere.

The other day I saw you in my dream, when you were just a month old.I can't forget my sweet little football.

I miss you, my angel, come into our lives soon. Loads of love from Dida, mumma, papa and Bhaiya. Miss you bacha.

We Will Miss You, Candy
by: Anonymous

Candy, we will miss you always. It is a very great loss to us.

Rest in peace, Candy.

Luv U Always,

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