Callie, My Heart Is Broken Once Again

by Priscilla
(Warren PA)

Callie my beloved

Callie my beloved

Callie, February 19, 2013, you were taken for your daily walk. Something happened on the walk that caused your leg to break. You were to have surgery on the 20th, but your age, bad kidneys and weight were against you.

You were suffering so from the break, and the Vet. was afraid you couldn't survive surgery. So, here I am in an empty, lonesome house. I loved you so.

Empty house, empty heart.

She will be joining Nell and Ginger in the pet cemetery.


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by: Priscilla Shank

In memory of all my wonderful pets that have kept me going. Prayers for the mistreated animal in puppy mills. They are treated like trash.

Callie and the Others
by: Anonymous

Callie has been gone over 3 months. I adopted a little handicapped dog that has been named Benny. He is supposed to help me heal. My girls would have like him as I do.

Missing Callie and the others still hurts.

Callie and Ginger
by: Anonymous

Three months ago today my Callie died. I am flooded with tears as the loss is overwhelming me. She was so sweet.

There will never be another sweet Callie to lay her head on my lap and look up at me as if to say "I do love you."

Missing Callie and All My Beloved Pets
by: priscilla

I have adopted a little dog that I named Benny. He is to help me heal.

I started to cry with the missing of my precious ones that have gone on before me. Benny sensed my sadness and came to comfort me.

He is handicapped with bad legs, but to me he is perfect. My girls would have liked him.

by: Anji

My heart goes out to you. I have travelled in your shoes.

Lost my Schnauzer mini to bladder cancer and still battling with loss and emptiness.

She is no more in pain - that is the consolation.

Much love to you. Time heals.

by: Anonymous

Why did my Callie have to die? I know everything dies, but she was everything to me. I keep crying. It's not easy here without her.

It's close to a month since she died, and it's nothing but emptiness and sadness.

Callie and Others
by: Anonymous

I knew Callie's kidneys were bad but prayed nightly that I would have her longer. Also prayed for all the mistreated animals in labs and so on.

Callie and I had so much love for each other. She was big, beautiful, and none sweeter.

by: Anonymous

Callie was buried today. She is resting just below Ginger and close to Nell. I can't describe the terrible emptiness here.

In Memory of Callie
by: Priscilla

I wrote this in memory of Callie:

My heart is heavy, my soul weeps.
My beloved Callie is now asleep.

Never again will we take that walk when you smelled the flowers and wonderful things nature had provided. Soon you will rest between Ginger and Nell, but the sadness in my heart will never be stilled.

I'm So very Sorry
by: Carrie

I'm so sorry for your loss. May your sweet memories of Callie bring you peace.

Callie Is in Your Soul
by: Anonymous

My heart is broken. I am sorry for your loss. I know how you feel because I also lost my best buddy Pug 32 days ago.

I still cry for my beloved friend who understood me completely, just like I understood him.

You were the best thing that ever happened to Callie. She was a beautiful soul. And will be with you forever. Blessings.

Yum from Boston

Me Too
by: Cindy

I too lost my best friend of 14 years 2 weeks ago. She went from being her regular happy self to having liver failure and passing away in 2 days.

You have to be an animal lover to know this pain. I lost her furry brother in June. It never gets easier.

What keeps me going is knowing we will see them again and that they are ok now.

The pain doesnt stop at the heart. It goes into your soul.

I am sure your Callie is with my Tootsie and Bruty and they are having a wonderful time.

God bless.


May You Find Peace
by: Anonymous

I am so sorry for your loss. it is truly heart-breaking to lose someone we love so much and who loves us unconditionally.

I Grieve for You
by: Betty Lou

I grieve with you over the loss of Callie. I have gone through this with my pets and know it is not easy, for they are part of the family. I think of my pets still and they have been gone for a number of years.

I know that Callie is in your heart and you will think of her.

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