Caddy, Female Brindle Boxer

by Rick

Yesterday, January 28 ,2017 at 10:45am, I made the agonizing decision to put down my sweet baby boxer (Caddy) of fourteen years. It is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

Caddy had multiple medical issues: heart, tumors and diabetes. Her quality of life had diminished to the point where a decision had to be made to put her down.

I am not a young man anymore and have had many dogs in my life, but none has ever touched me more than my sweet little boxer.

Caddy came into our life in 2003 and was our constant daily companion for almost fourteen years. She slept at the foot of our bed every night for those fourteen years.

We live in a cold climate and on cold nights she would nudge the cover with her nose, we would raise the cover and she would crawl in between my wife and me and sleep there.

In the mornings we could count on her licking us in the face to wake us up. The more we laughed at her for licking us the faster she would lick. We would put the cover over our head, she would stop and once we pulled the cover from our heads she would commence her licking attack again. Our lives were greatly enriched by this sweet little angel.

I cannot find the words to describe my sadness, and the feelings of guilt and hurt at the loss of my baby. It is almost more than I can stand. This house is not a home anymore without my baby.

I now know my sweet baby Caddy was really one of god's little angels posing as a boxer.

I pray god has a special place for the spirit of this beautiful sweet animal. I look forward to seeing my baby again.

Good bye, sweet baby. We will love and remember you forever!

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Sweet Caddy
by: Jenny

Reading your post brought back so many memories of my sweet Brewski. Boxers are a very special breed. I don't know what it is about them that reaches the depths of your soul when they are with you and leave a gaping hole when they have to leave.

I understand the pain and the guilt. I know it sounds crazy but I still talk to my Brewski every day, telling him how much he is missed and that I did what I did because he was loved so much. I think it just helps to say it out loud.

I couldn't watch him hurt for one more minute even though I knew it would cause me a lifetime of pain to let him go.

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful. I pray you find comfort in knowing she will be there to meet you again with her wiggle butt dance.

I'm So Sorry for the Loss of Your Sweet Caddy
by: Michelle

There is no doubt how deeply and sweetly you loved your Caddy. She had a blessed life because of how you treasured her as your best friend and companion. And I am certain that you were her very world.

I know the pain... I too was blessed to be loved by a great boxer named Bella. And I too had to make that impossibly hard decision to end her suffering after a short battle with lymphoma.

Caddy will be there, in that place we call Heaven, loved by angels, playing as a young dog in her prime with my Bella and all of the other great dogs.

She'll be waiting for you, and when she spots you in the distance she will run full speed ahead and explode into her boxer wiggle and cover you with those unmistakable Caddy kisses.

Until then, I hope that you can be consoled by all of those sweet memories of a dog who loved you with everything she had.

A tribute to beloved Caddy
by: Margaret

Dear Rick.

Your sweet Caddy was a very lucky girl to have been loved and cared for by you and your wife. (Seeking info about Roger Caras, I accidentally happened to see your post.)

I do understand your sorrow, and how very difficult this is for you. (It will ease.) Yes, it sounds like your baby Caddy was a special special girl indeed, a little angel "posing as a boxer."

Do take care of yourself, Rick. A big hug to you from Rhode Island.


Heartfelt Thoughts
by: Jo Lloyd

I'm so sorry for you. I lost my 10 year old last year to cancer and it was unbearable. Keep hold of how blessed and honoured you were to have her in your life for the time you did.

I still miss Vincent every day, as he changed my life and the lives of my children. Our thoughts are for you.

by: Debra

RIP Caddy. Run and play in the fields over the Rainbow Bridge.

So Sorry
by: Sally Norman

I read your memorial about Caddy and cried with you. We had our beautiful boxer boy put to sleep 4 weeks ago.

I feel your hurt, your guilt, your sadness and your loss. These little angels enrich our lives and leave so many happy memories, it's unbearable to walk through the door and there's no wagging tail to greet you.

Be happy that you were privileged to have such a beautiful companion who loved you unconditionally.

I live in hope that one day we will meet again, never to be parted ever again. Such special treasures, they will live in our hearts forever.

Thinking of you.

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