Buster - A little JR Terrier with a heart the size of a Lion

by Cindy Thomas
(Bardstown, KY)



Buster (10/15/96-10/27/08)

I can't believe it's been over a year since you laid that beautiful head down and took your last nap.

Terry and I still miss our buddy, Buster, a 12 year old rough coat Jack Russell Terrier. He took his last breath lying in bed between the two people who loved him as a child. As usual, it was on Buster's terms, not ours.

We had just laid down in bed for the night. Buster was surrounded by his family, Terry, Spencer, Bear, and me. Overcome by cancer that was diagnosed only two days prior, he had proven once again what a tremendous heart he had in his small little body. This hideous cancer that sneaks up and grabs our precious partners had invaded his lungs.

Typical Jack Russell, and very typical Buster, he had shown no signs of pain or distress until the week before, and by then there was nothing to be done. With the dignity I hope I will have when it is my time, he met his darkness. He had allowed us to pamper him one last time, trying to eat when he really wasn't hungry, doing anything he could to make us happy. He gave us our goodbyes, and then he was gone.

Were we ready? We would never be ready to let go. I think we were holding on to false hope, so Buster helped us, leading us. There will never be another Buster. I know that each and every puppy is unique, but Buster was The Man. Buster is what you should find in the dictionary when you look up the words "unconditional love." His love radiated from every pore and he smiled from head to tail the minute you came into his presence.

Buster never had fear of anything. He was always number one, no matter how big the opponent. He loved to ride in the truck with the AC blowing on high, his little nose stuck up close to the vent. But his special place was to ride beside his best buddy "Dad" on the tractor or lawnmower, surveying his domain. He was content to do so as long as you would let him.

Buster taught us many things, but most of all he taught us that we were always worthy of his love, and that just by saying his name you would feel better. He'd walk by and give you a little lick on the back of the leg just to let you know he was there and that life was good.

We were broken hearted to lose him from our lives but so grateful that we had the time we had with him. He left the most special memories, and he will always be a part of our souls.

Bless you Buster. You are not here to dry my tears anymore, but you can give God a little lick. We know that you are cuddling up with Raven and Angel, our two girls who have gone before. I know you're The Man in charge up there now! And we will cross that rainbow bridge someday soon.

Love you.

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by: biscuitsma

What a beautiful remembrance of your dear doggie Buster. I lost my little boy Biscuit almost 2 years ago, and I am now finally able to remember all the good, without tears at his passing.

Thank you for sharing, as you carry Buster in your hearts always.

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