Brittany Morgan di Cristina aka Baby Girl

by di Cristina

You came into our lives over 14 years ago. You were a gift, and boy what a gift you turned out to be.

It's been almost 3 months now since we had to let you go. We miss you so very much. You were a blessing and the biggest joy of our lives. We miss your kisses and your funny little demands. Of course we always knew what you wanted because you told us and we understood you.

You were loving and kind and loyal and really funny. You loved popping open your plastic Easter eggs to get your hidden treats. You loved unwrapping your gifts as much as getting the gifts, and then once you got them, you let us know that they were yours! It was amazing how you always knew which gifts were yours under the tree.

You also loved riding in a basket on the front of my bike. We had so much fun. And everyone always smiled at us when we biked by. I know that you're in Heaven with my Pop and he's taking good care of you until we all can be together and be a family again.

I ask God to let you know how very much we love you and miss you. But I also pray to God that you are not missing us as much as we miss you, and that you are young again and healthy and happy and enjoying life again.

I love you too, Pop, and thank you for taking care of our Baby until we're all together again. We love and miss you too. You both are forever in our hearts.

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We Celebrate Your Life and Wonderful Memories!
by: Mom/Kim

Hey Britt, your passing has been tough, but
We now can laugh and remember how funny, and
Wonderful you were. And we were so very blessed
To have been able to be part of your life! Thank you
My sweet girl for all the great memories. Grandma
Jean is now with you and the family and we know
You are all having a heck of a good time. Hug and
A love to you all until we are all together again.

Thank you for your message!
by: Mom

We had another sign today, Britt.... thanks so much
for letting us know you're still with us. We love you and know you love us too... Happy Valentines day, Brittany....xoxoxoxo

It's been 6 months today and I miss you so very much...
by: MOM

I love you baby girl and want you to know that a day does not go by that I am not thinking about you. You were the best.

We have taken in a stray and we want you to know that she is not a replacement. You could never be replaced. We are just giving her a home. She is now about seven months old and boy what a little she devil she is... You were always an Angel and always will be an Angel in Heaven and my heart forever.

One day we will be together again as a family. Know that I love love you forever and always. Give Pop, Nana, Papa, Grandpa Merv, Grandma Mae lots of kisses for me. Thanks, Mom

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