Bosco, the Sweetest Chocolate Lab a Family Could Ask For

by Colin
(Libertyville, IL)

Bosco "Nardy Doot" Quinn

September 15th, 2002
December 6, 2014


On November 15th, 2002, we were fortunate enough to choose one of the best dogs this family has ever seen. Bosco is the greatest family dog a person could possibly ask for.

Today we will sadly have to say goodbye. Bosco has bone cancer, and I literally tried every natural treatment to save him. I am now 25, but I grew up with Bosco as a teenager and a young adult.

I know from experience how important it is to have a companion during these challenging times. High school and college were not easy times for me, and taking Bosco on walks; running with him; playing fetch with him and so many other activities helped me reduce stress during my times of depression.

He never judged me, or put me down when I was in despair, so I would always go straight to him for consolation.

He always let us know when he wanted to go for a walk, or when he wanted to eat. He was a vocal boy who never let things go unsaid. I will miss his bark dearly, and will never get over his vocal presence.

He loved his dad—my dad too—who took him hunting, walking, hiking and fetching. We have videos of him barking hysterically as my father comes home from work.

He was always just so happy to see all of our family members. Even if we were only gone for a few short hours, he would bark joyously to affirm how much he loved us, and how happy he was to see us. That can never be replaced.

He was so clever, and had so many little quirks that I needed 20 pages of notebook paper to write down all the memories I had of him. I could shed an infinite number of tears, but that will never be enough to overcome the reality that I will never see him again.

I tried so hard to fix you, buddy. When you were first diagnosed with osteosarcoma, I gave you every natural treatment I could find. I tried essiac tea; the budwig protocol; vitamin B17; the raw food diet; black strap molasses/baking soda; essential oils; juicing; herbal treatments; bone broth meals and so much more.

I am very sorry I didn't help get you better, because if these last four months were any indication, I would have walked the globe for you just to ensure that you would get better.

I love you buddy, and I will think of you every day for the rest of my life.


Your big brother Colin and the whole Quinn family

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Bosco's Diet
by: Colin


I just gave him some apricot seeds. I didn't do anything intravenously. He was 80 pounds, and I tried everything, but I was no professional, so there were a lot of unknowns. I would try to change your dog's digestive system, if anything. Give him bone broth and vegetables.

Bone Cancer
by: Janet

We have a ridgeback with bone cancer. We are treating him with B-17.

How much did you give your dog and for how long? How much did your dog weigh? Thanks.

by: Colin

Thanks for all your kind words. We seem to be feeling the same pain associated with our losses. That helps us get past these times.

by: Barb

How sad you are at this moment. God never takes but what he gives.

My precious Banner was killed mid-September. I thought I would never recover, my son as well. I walked my vet's Doberman. Then one day I went to the vet's wife in tears. I missed my Banner so much, I needed another to care for. She said there was a Doberman in desperate need of a home. He had been abused, now in a shelter in Erie.

My son and I went to see him. Of course he came home with us. He is so accepting, so loving, hasn't met a person he doesn't like.

Daily we see how thankful he is to have a good home.

Please find comfort in this. Do a good thing for another. You have a lot of love to share. Do it freely and be blessed!

More Info on Bosco
by: Colin

We actually put him down during the week--not the 6th. We decided not to put him down over the weekend. Believe me, we wish we never had to do this, but there is nothing more we could have done for his pain.

by: Priscilla

No matter how many wonderful pets you have, each one steals a part of your heart. I miss and love those that were a part of my life. There is still sadness when I think of them.

Peace to You
by: Janey's Dad

Don't feel guilty. It doesn't heal any quicker when you do. You gave him your all!

Time heals, but slowly. I'm 60 and still shed tears from my loss 2 months ago. My mom says I will grieve till my final days.

You wrote a memorial for your friend. That is really cool, and you've 20 pages of memories? Do you realize how lucky you are and you just don't know it yet?!

Good luck, Colin. I believe in the rainbow bridge! Hope you do too!

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