Bo 6/22/04 - 10/12/12

by BJ Canaway
(Bloomfield, NY)

I trust you

I trust you

He was the second born of our first litter of Akitas. The pain is too new. He showed signs of neck pain and stiffness in August. Saturday, he went lame. By Thursday (yesterday) he was paralyzed in the front end.

He was too young. I wanted to share the poem we posted. Maybe it will help someone....

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I Look at Bo's Eyes....
by: Luba

And well up with tears. I put two of my pets down within one month of each other and cried so hard and so loud they heard me in the next town. I thank God everyday for my little Ash, who fills those gaping holes.

Bo's tail is wagging while he waits for you at the other side of the bridge...

Beautiful Poem
by: JMurphy

That is a beautiful poem. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dog. I found our dog dead in the middle of the night on May 5th. He was 10 and he was the first dog I ever had. We were supposed to take him to the vet in the morning to be put to sleep, because the medicine the vet game him the day before didn't help.

People tell me I was lucky not to have to go though the horrible pain of watching him go, but it was so terrible finding him and wishing I had been next to him when he took his last breath, but I feel asleep. There is no easy way to lose your best friend.

by: Cindy

I loved it. I have lost 5 beloved OLD friends in 5 months. The pain is horrific.

I love your poem. Thank you. I lost a 15 1/2 shih tzu (my little boy with fur), a beautiful loving 6 year old cat, a 19 year old lab mix, a 15 year old lab mix, and a 14 year old lab mix granpup just Friday. All but my little boy with fur went very peacefully. He had doggie alzheimers and was blind and deaf. He was having terrible panic attacks for 2 days before I got the nerve to say good bye.

I miss them all so much, so for now, may your friend and my Bruty, Drifter, Big Bear, Buckshot and Cupy have the time of their lives waiting for us.

I too know we will see them again.

God bless.


by: Dorothy Morrell

I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved Bo. :-(

I also had the same pain and still do over the loss of my dog Zoli. Now Bo is playing with my Zoli and someday we will be together again.

Always Too Soon
by: Maniccollie

So sorry for your loss. It's hard to let our loved dogs go. The time we have with them is never enough. In memory of my soulmate Corrie. :)

by: chynna

This is an amazing message. My family will be facing this decision in the new year so I understand how hard it is to know that you are choosing to let go even when it's with all the best intentions.

Your baby is watching down on you from rainbow bridge. His body may have left you but he'll still be with you always.


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