Blue, the Best Lab on the Planet!

by Robin Dickerson
(Plattsburg, MO)

Blue was born on Nov. 19, 1998. She died today in the arms of my husband and me, with our friend, Dr. Terry. It was the worst thing we have ever had to do.

Blue was the gentlest, kindest, lovingest chocolate lab that there could ever have been. She used to let our daughters lay beside her and rub her ears while they sucked their thumbs. Lately she has been friends with their boyfriends. She participated in band practice on the the marching field. Might have even left a present for the opposing team under their goal pole.

Our son loved her too. I think Blue was his only relief from growing up with 2 yelling sisters.

Through many years of traveling, and especially lately, Blue was the first to greet me with a sniff and a kiss when I arrived home. "Hey Blue!!" She always replied, "Hey to you too!" Everyone else waited til I came in and stood in front of them to say "I'm home!"

Blue loved to swim and chase balls. When we had a round pool, she would swim around the edge, while the kids held on to her strong tail and got free rides. Oh, but I have damned that tail many times! I tried to record the sound of it today, before the last vet trip. Got a little recorded...with no glass crashing in the back ground.

So many fond memories. I've got so much more to write. I hope I can come back to this page and add to it when my tears are gone...if that ever happens.

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To Robin on the loss of Blue
by: Karen

Robin, that first paragraph that you wrote brought back recent (terribly mournful and guilty) memories of my "Tiger."

Yes, it is the worst feeling in this world to have to put one's loving pet to sleep, especially when it was by your side all the time and being there for you in every way.

Blue was truly a happy and loving dog. I liked the part where you wrote about her in the pool with the kids getting free rides by holding on to her tail. No doubt, Blue was enjoying all the fun too. I was highly amused when you wrote about the fact that she might be putting down a gift for the opposers in the games by the goal post.

She's gone now and I'm sure you will hold on to all those beautiful memories of her while she was growing up, just like a kid. Wherever she is in Doggie Heaven, she's being taken care of and whenever she finishes a game or two with all the other doggies up there, she'll be sleeping on Cloud 9. Bear hugs to you..... Peace and Love.

Beloved Blue
by: Joy, UK

I am so sorry for your loss. I love Labradors. The kindest eyes in the world belong to Labradors and the happiest sight, to me anyway, is a Labrador's tail wagging while their bum swaggers from side to side - when they are on a mission!

May Blue swagger in Peace and may you meet Blue again.

Blue and Beau
by: Mary Ann from PA

Our lab was yellow. His name was Beau. Labs are the dog angels in heaven. Beau has been gone one month. He was 11. Someone told me that every year beyond 10 is a blessing. I don't know if that is true, but yours was born in 1998. Our last lab lived almost 14 years and that was, for some odd reason, what I expected.

His death was sudden. I do not know about yours, but ours was gut-wrenching. I send my utmost sympathies for the lost of Blue. Take the course Jill offers. Memorialize Blue in your own way. Read what others have to say about their loss. Know that others are where you are and understand your pain. Know that time will help.

Find a daily reminder and think about the positive and what Blue taught you. Find a way to remember those soulful eyes. They look down upon you from heaven. She is waiting (with our Beau) at the Rainbow Bridge.

And your children have her in their hearts and memories. Ask them to remember their fond memories. It is hard, I know, but you will find a way to be happy again.

Blessed be the dog lovers of the earth for they know the peace found in the love of a dog.

So Sorry for Your Loss
by: Sue

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that time will ease the pain. Blue is running and swimming and chasing balls right now, waiting for the day he sees all of you again.

May God Bless You
by: Christine in Virginia

I am so sorry Blue is no longer there to greet you. Jake, my Golden Retriever, would begin barking as soon as he heard the garage door opening. That's one of the things I miss the most!

Please know that you are not alone. I lost my Jake on Friday, August 5th. He was 10½ years old and had cancer. The loss has been unbearable at times. The vet came to our home and was very compassionate and, for that, I am grateful.

Talking about your beloved companion to others who understand your loss can be very healing, so I hope you will come back and tell more about Blue. I would love to hear more about his adventures.

May God give you comfort and peace.

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