Bear Was a King

by Andrea

Bear dog entered into this world a loving, intelligent, and beautiful liver Australian Shepherd mix. He was the ideal domestic dog. He had unique paw dexterity. Bear's favorite way to play was to hold a ball in his mouth, and have a ball rolled to him where he would juggle the ball on the floor, back and forth with his two strong paws, and then kick it back to me up to 50 feet from where I stood. Bear had a great sense of humor playing hide and seek, and calling my bluff with a toy or a ball.

I was blessed to adopt Bear in the summer of 2009. Bear had a history of abuse from his first owner, which caused Bear to be in constant anxiety and fear except for when we played and when we went for walks. Every person that walked by us was seen as a threat to Bear and he would want to bite them away.

Bear was the most loyal dog I have ever owned and seen, always protecting me and always wanting to be loved and to love. Bear, when he was feeling safe, loved people, like my family members who came over, and two friends. He was fun, proud, and very sweet and giving. Bear's abuser, however, made him sometimes get confused about who I was at times, and who my family members were. When he would get confused he would want to lunge and bite, out of sheer fear.

When I was recovering from two toe operations, Bear was so careful not to step on my toes and slowed down for me on our walks. Bear was thoughtful. When I recovered from the surgery I was going out more and I had to leave him inside because he could not be one minute alone in the car before he was terrified and extremely anxious. It was painful for Bear when I left our home, and when I would return and later attempt to leave again, Bear began to get angry and very scared and nip at me so that I would not leave our home.

Bear's tolerance to other people became increasingly less and he felt more threatened if I was not home almost all day like when I was home recovering from the surgery. Some of our pets get physically sick and suffer and Bear got mentally and emotionally sick and was suffering. I wish that his first owner would read this memorial, because I want to tell him that Bear was the king at this posh living community. He was given treats by the concierges, hugs and kisses by family members and two friends who loved Bear.

Bear was kept warm and safe, and walked often on beautiful walking paths with trees and ponds and birds everywhere. Bear ran free many days with me close by and he was grateful. Bear deserved the life of love, with consistent food and water and treats, that he could count on, and to be able to run free, and have a lot of walks.

But the first owner impacted his mind and his nervous system so much in such a negative way that Bear could not be free from the neglect and abuse instilled in him. Bear was perfect, he never had accidents, never did any harm to our home.

Bear's life was shortened because even though he was the perfect dog, and I was the proud owner, his abuser looked like so many people and he wanted to protect himself and protect me to an unhealthy and sometimes dangerous extent.

Please, in memory of loving Bear, if you see a dog that is neglected, downtrodden, and or abused, please have the courage to report it and let's change the laws that pet owners get jail time for ruining the life of a perfect dog that is here on earth to love us unconditionally.

And to you Social Workers out there, when a child has to be removed from their home from an abusive parent, please check, and if there are domestic animals in that home, take them too.

In loving memory of Bear, the perfect dog.

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I love you, Bear.

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