Baby Girl, the Pitbull Shot and Killed by the NYPD

by Trish
(Staten Island, NY)

My name is Baby Girl. I am a Pit Bull, the misunderstood breed. I had my ears cut off by my first owner. I was then dumped at the age of two at the ACC with my sister. They split us both up.

It was scary in there. So many people I didn't know and the sound of so many dogs barking. I missed my home and my sister. I was a good girl so why did they dump me here?

I was on the table to be killed when a rescue called called to save me. My foster Mom saw me on I was wearing a pink fleece and had pretty eyes.

My Mom had me pulled by the rescue. Mom always looked on there for her next foster when she had adopted her last one out. I was her third foster. And she had adopted Bo in 2012 before she started to foster.

I loved my Mom! She took me everywhere. I even walked to take the garbage out with her because I never wanted to part with her. I made best friends with a bunny named Floppy. We were always together. Then I made best friends with three cats. I was then introduced to Bo.

Bo and I loved each other. We played, ate, slept and walked together. We got along so good and never wanted to part.

My Mom and I grew so attached that she adopted me. We all slept in bed together every night. We went for walks every day. Bo and I played with our kitty friends and our bunny. We all got along great.

Bo and I later met our cousin Missy Girl. We all walked together all the time with Gianna, our little baby girl in her stroller. We also would go to the park to see our two little boys, Vincent and Nicholas, play in the park.

On April 6, 2013, Bo and I went for a walk. We wanted Missy Girl to come too. So we pulled our Mom to Missy Girl's house and up her steps. The three of us walked like we always did to the park and this is where my life ends and my story begins.

This is the nightmare and the facts news reporters and cops failed to mention. We were all having a good time, when my brother thought Missy was a threat to me. She wasn't at all, he just protects me.

My brother and Missy got into a little fight. While my mom stopped them she had put her hand in the middle of them and accidentally got bitten in the hand.

She yelled at them and when the dogs realized it was mom's hand, they immediately let go. I was told by Mom to not get in the middle and I listen to her always, so I walked away from them both.

My Mom had stopped the two kids and then out of nowhere Julia Muchello started to shoot at all of us! Her gun was already out pointing at us as she walked into the scene. No questions asked, all she did was start shooting at us all. Even towards my Mom and her sister.

There were also children playing only a few feet in the direction the bullets where being shot and there were homes as well. Cops later on rang doorbells, asking if the people in the homes where ok.

Missy started to run away. I told her, no Missy, you have too stay with your Mommy. But Missy Girl was too scared and ran. So I looked at my Mommy to know what I should do. Should I go get Missy Girl or go back to Mommy.

My Mom just kept yelling "Stop shooting at our dogs!" Julia Muchello yelled, "No, she attacked you." Mom screamed, "No one attacked me. Stop shooting at our dogs."

I didn't know that command. So I ran to go get Missy. Then I stopped and looked at my Mom one more time just to make sure I was doing the right thing.

As I stood totally still, I felt this pain in my foot. Julia Muchello had shot me. It hurt so I ran to Missy Girl. She was calling me. Run, Baby Girl, run. Run from the mean lady. So I ran with her.

While I was running away from that mean lady, I could hear my mom just screaming at her to stop hurting us. Julia Muchello said, "She is attacking me." My Mom was screaming, "Stop shooting at them. How is she attacking you? She's on the other side of the field!"

I then got a bad pain in my back. I ran all the way down the street until I fell on the ground. All these cops stood around just looking at me with their hands on their guns. No one helped me. I could hear my mom and her sister screaming, "Let us get our dogs!"

My mom's sister was also screaming, "I am a cop. Stop shooting. They are not vicious and will not bite anyone." But Julia Muchello said, "Shut up!" while pointing the gun in their faces. She then grabbed her shirt and said, "I'm the one in uniform right now."

My Mom bent down to Bo and kissed him on the nose and said, "It's ok, buddy, don't worry." The cop then pointed at my Mom again and said, "Get out of his face. Why would you do that?"

My Mom said, "He's my dog and he's not vicious." The cop then pointed at Bo's face while my Mom's sister held him on a leash. The cop said, "Get that thing away from me."

At this point my mom went in an EMT to clean her hand and they wanted her to go to the hospital to have it checked. Neither my mom nor her sister at this point knew I was shot. I was so far from them all when Julia Muchello hit me with the bullets, Mom never saw blood, and I didn't cry either.

While mom was in the hospital, all she thought was that her sister had found Baby Girl and taken them all home. She thought Baby Girl and Bo would be home waiting for her.

Mom had no idea I was in a cage bleeding to death, hidden in a truck. When she asked cops while in the EMT, she was told, "Don't worry. Just go get your hand checked out and we will find her."

Mom said to them, "Please, she is a good dog. Don't shoot her." They told my Mom, "If she's good, don't worry. We only shoot if we have to." These cops knew I was already shot, and they had already hidden me from my Mom.

If my Mom had known I was shot, she would have never let them make her leave. Right before my Mom left, a few kids came to the EMT and Mom told them to go look for me.

Julia Muchello wouldn't let my Mom's sister come find me or help me. No cop cared to help me. They just hid me in a cage in a truck in hopes I would die so they could cover up what they did.

Cops told my family they didn't know where I was for a while. But the kids that Mom asked to look for me had pointed me out and my Mom's sister and brother ran to me and said, "We are taking her to the vet now." Cops agreed and said they would escort us.

This was already an hour after I was shot. The cops made sure they waited for every red light and took their time at every stop sign. They had taken me to the ASPCA! There is no vet there. They took me there to have me put to sleep!

My Mom's brother then picked me up and took me to Richmond Valley Animal Hospital where I was stabilized, now an hour and a half after I had been shot. They suggested I be taken to Little Falls Animal Hospital for surgery as they were more equipped for this kind of wound. I was then taken an hour away to undergo surgery.

Mom still had no idea her Baby was hurt and going through all of this. She didn't find out until her family got me help then went to go see my Mom and tell her. All my Mom thought was, "OMG! She was shot?" Mom said, "She will be ok. She's a fighter."

The next morning Mom and Dad came to see me. The look on their face made me sad. My Mom's heart fell and she started to cry. Mom had no idea how bad I was hurt till she saw me.

My Mom and Dad came to see me every night. Everyone thought I would pull through. I tried to. But five days later I died because I couldn't hold anything down and I choked on my own vomit. I was in 24 hour care in ICU.

The call my Mom and Dad received on April 11th was the worst one ever. Their Baby didn't make it. Mom screamed and cried. "How!? She was in 24 hour care! How did she choke after all this?"

They drove to get me and took me back to Richmond Valley Animal Hospital to be cremated. Everyone who worked there came to see me and cried. They hugged my Mom and Dad and gave me a last pet on the head. The doctor came into the room.

His words were, "I don't understand. You just had Baby Girl and Bo here last week. They were the best two dogs in here. Baby Girl licked my face." He walked out with a tear in his eye and said, "I'm sorry."

The New York Police Department are wrong for what they did, so they tried to cover it up and let me die to just get rid of me. They didn't want me to prove to the world I was not vicious like they claimed and the reason I was shot at.

But I am not a fighter. My Mom showed me how to be. I only lived five more days at the vet but I showed the world I was a good Pit Bull. My videos show the truth about how I was. I didn't attack anyone. They lied and said I did.

I was shot on the side by my butt. If I attacked I would have been shot in the face or chest. I never attacked anyone ever, so why would I just out of nowhere attack a cop?

Julia Muchello's gun was taken from her, for the SECOND time!

Mom and Dad, I am sorry I didn't run with Missy faster. I would still be here. But it's because of Missy Girl that you can now teach the world that Pit Bulls are not bad dogs. And you can fight for our rights.

Missy called me so I ran and was shot in the foot and in the back. Had she not called me, I would have run back to my Mommy. Julia Muchello would have shot me in the front and lied and got away with it. Like she is trying to do now.

Please sign for me and help me fight for all Pit Bulls and all Bully breeds.

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So Wrong
by: Donna

This is a travesty. They should be held accountable. I am so sorry for your loss.

Baby Girl, We'll Never Forget You
by: Hannah

I am so sorry for Baby Girl. She didn't deserve it just because she was a pitbull. That cop should be taken to hell for shooting a pitbull that has done nothing wrong. That is animal cruelty. Not all pitbulls are bad. Pitbulls like Baby are just so sweet and stunning.

i’m So Sorry for Your Loss
by: Lauryn

Baby Girl’s story is just another example of how mean and cruel people can be to pit bulls. I know she is in a better place and does not have to suffer anymore. I know she was loved by you and others in her life and I know she appreciates the love and peace you gave her in life.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Rest In Paradise, Baby Girl.

So Sorry for Your Loss! :(
by: Jai Hagans

I don't know what to say! Why did the cops shoot her? They did that for no reason! I had 2 beautiful pit bulls and then we had to give them up for adoption. I miss them so much! But I feel really bad for you!

I hope you feel better soon!

Baby Girl
by: Sierra

I am so sorry for your loss. I can't believe that happened to you. I hope you are ok.

Why did they keep her from you? It's just stupid that they did that. I am really sorry.

It's Just Not Fair
by: Connie Brown

I followed this story back when it happened. I am so sorry for the loss of your precious angel. She didn't deserve that. No Furbaby does!

Baby Girl was truly an angel. She showed the world that Pitbulls are not vicious. They are sweet, loving, fun, beautiful, loyal, precious souls!

She will FUREVER be your guardian angel for life...FUREVER and always!

The cops who lied and tried to cover it up, did they think they would get away with it? Did they think that nobody would be able to tell by where she was shot that she wasn't attacking anyone?

It's all so senseless and tragic. Karma will take care of those cops. They know they lied. They will have to pay the price someday!!

RIP Baby Girl. You will forever be in all of our hearts!!

Baby Girl
by: Mary Arroyo

She needs to pay. Too many cops are killing our pets. This needs to stop.

What a sad story. I've seen so many cops killing our dogs.

I Hope Justice Gets Served
by: Corey

I'm so sorry. I'm still in tears. Justice needs to be served. The thoughts on what I would dish out are best left unsaid. I hope Baby Girl gets more than justice.

I'm So Sorry
by: Jordan

I'm only thirteen but I have 4 pits. They are all I have. My life's a wreck and they are the only things that keep me going anymore. I wish that woman is in jail and suffers for what she did.

I'm sorry but I would rather live with pits than humans ♡•♡

Help Pits and Bullys
by: star67

I have a pit bull. She is the sweetest thing. She has a best friend and her name is Dezi, a Bully pup. They run around, bark, but they're never vicious.

Some people in the world are so cruel. This is sad. I wish people weren't like this.

R.I.P. Baby Girl

by: Yoyomomma

Oh my god, that is so sad. I can't read it anymore. Baby Girl is in a better place now.

So Sad
by: Anonymous

That is the worst thing ever. She did not deserve to die. The cop should have never shot her.

I love pits. They are great watch dogs.

Why Did She Have to Die?
by: Nicolas

Not all pitbulls are bad. Baby Girl was a good pitbull. I am so sorry for your loss.

So very sorry for your loss of a beautiful soul
by: Jay

My heart just aches for you so much. I'm on my first pit mix. I know from my girl that this breed has to be the most affectionate, kissing all the time.

I don't understand why the cop even shot them; it was your dog, you were handling it. This woman had no right at all to shoot your dogs, and kill your beautiful girl. It's like "Shoot first ask questions later." I guess that's just what they did. But to lie about it, and what for? What was all that proving? Only her hatred of the breed.

I wish I could just reach out and hug you for your loss. I know nothing can bring her back to you; I am so very sorry. I know I would be devastated if something happened to my girl. It seems like these cops should be held accountable more for being so quick to draw a gun.

Once again, so sorry for the loss of your sweet girl. I wish I could turn back the hands of time for you. From one fellow dog lover to another. I am trying to learn all I can about this breed I adopted in 2010, a one year old. All I know is that some day I hope to adopt another pit mix.

I can't even imagine the horror of that day for you. Baby Girl, watch over your mama, as she needs you. Somehow make your presence known to her. (I believe this as I did have it happen once with one of my dogs. I felt her presence for a whole week, everywhere I went.)

So I'm going to say that Baby Girl is watching over you now and protecting you. May your heart be able to heal enough to adopt another soul who needs you. I know that no dog will ever replace your Girl.

Many hugs and love and tears for your Baby.

by: Faith

I am so sorry for Baby. I really wish people were kinder to pit bulls. They do not deserve this. No dog deserves this. It is unjust.

Baby Girl Another Angel Sent
by: Juanita

I'm so sorry for your loss. I would like to see justice put on that cop Julia who misused her authority, and shot a beautiful, loving, loyal dog! People like her make this world a horrible place to live.

God has a better place in Heaven for Baby Girl! The peace of the Lord be with your family!!!!!

So Sorry

So sorry for your loss. I guess dogs are judged by what they look like on the outside and not for who they are on the inside. Just as people are.

So sad. Stereotyping is such a bad thing.

How Tragic

Such a senseless loss.

My sister has a Pitbull and states she is the best dog she has ever had. Sadly, this breed is grossly misunderstood, due to such irreverent handling and breeding by abusive and neglectful owners.

Thankfully, Baby Girl had a " good life " with you. May you cherish those memories.

God Bless!

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