by Suzette Munn
(Parkville, Maryland)

My Angel, Appalachia, just passed on June 24, 2010. My life without her has changed so much. I can't stand being without her. She made life better. I love her so much.

She was 12 and a half years. The last five months were tough on us; we visited the vet's office 13 times. I was bound and determined to get my girl better. The last month of her life, a chest x-ray revealed she had a dilated esophogus. This means the esophogus doesn't allow the food reach the stomach easily.

I was spoon feeding her. Then, after her not eating food that way, I tried a different way. She seemed to be doing fine. Then, she just stopped eating. On Monday, she woke up with her nose totally congested, and I could tell she couldn't breathe well. I took her to the vet.

My vet, who is really compassionate, told me Appalachia lost a couple of more pounds and seemed to be declining. She told me she would help me through this process. I just cried and cried with Appalachia in my arms; to this day, she could barely walk.

The vet told me to give her a child's nose drops for her congestion, which I did. By Wednesday night, she still wasn't eating. She had no energy. I cried and cried every day, like I still do. I constantly told her how much I love her and how wonderful she is. She completed my life.

Thursday morning I woke up, and she had passed on. That day, my family members paid their respects to my Angel and me. I had family in and out all day. She is special to my family as well, since she has been in our lives for so long. But, it's not enough for me.

I wanted to be with my Angel forever. She was so good to me. I loved taking care of her. She was a strong girl. I feel so empty. My house is so empty without her. I have my "meltdowns" everyday. I think to myself, "How am I supposed to go on in my life, when I lost the best part of me?"

How do you go on? I don't feel I will ever be the same. Appalachia was my sweet girl, who made me want to stay strong in life. Now, she's not here. I miss my Angel so much.

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by: Anonymous

I found your story sad but also hair-raising for me. My name is Suzette Munn and I turned 50 on June 24th!!

by: Anonymous

So sad for you to lose your American Eskimo.. :( They are such beautiful dogs.

I Have the Same Pain
by: Anonymous

Dear Appalachia,

I had to have my beautiful boxer Roxie put to sleep on Saturday and I loved her more than life. I had her for 9 years and we were together day and night. She was my constant companion. I find it hard to breathe and go on. I miss her every minute of every day.

I feel your pain
by: LoriAnne

I want to encourage you to grieve your loss thoroughly. Not to say there isn't a dog in a cage somewhere who has lost their child or family who needs you... and you need them. Please consider opening your heart to another canine friend. Also, you might seek a career in the compassionate world of helping people. Sounds like you'd be perfect. Please try and just look at the faces of animals who need the love you deny yourself because your friend had to go this time - and you had to STAY.

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