Amber Princess Banse Born 25 August 2001 Went to Heaven on 19 March 2012

by Bea
(London, England )

My little girl, I never gave birth to you, but you came in to our lives at 3 months. Your human brothers and mummy never knew what love was until you came along. We thank god for sending you, an angel, into our lives.

Precious baby Amber, we find it hard to breathe without you. There are tears and sobbing, also aches in hearts, as our baby girl is not here to kiss things better.

So many pet names we had for you, like Babu. You were the kindest and sweetest most beautiful Jack russel. Whoever met you fell in love and always walked away with smile.

Darling Amber, my doggy daughter, your human mummy is waiting for the day when I will come over and we will be together again in god's home.

Your photos and movies will be shown to your human brothers' kids as their aunty whom they did not get to meet.

Even when you went blind at 8yrs old, you were a brave girl, doing the naughty and mischevious Jack Russel things. Mummy and others knew you were in so much pain when you became paralysed recently.

Amber baby, be happy. I know god and his angels have returned you as a new born innocent baby who can now see and run around and your pains and suffering are gone.

Love you with every breath I take whilst I'm on earth.


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by: Saffy

I cried reading this. I lost my dog today. She was also called Amber and she was a princess too. Hardest thing that has ever happened to me. I share your loss.

I'm Sorry for Your Loss
by: pugsly's mom

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. A broken heart heals but it leaves a scar, reminding us of the love we lost, and keeping them always in our heart and memories.

Beautiful Tribute
by: Manny

She was a pure, kind-hearted, loving and playful girl. We will always remember you. I know you are re-born as a kind little puppy running in the fields and jumping like crazy.

You have your sight and back legs back and kindness has been rewarded.

I know you will always look down on us and give us that strength when we need it.

Love you, baby. We will all be reunited one day.


Rest in Peace Amber
by: Ed

What a beautiful tribute.

I have no doubt your Amber knew how much she was loved and now watches over you as one of God's guardian Angels.

May flights of Angels sing her to her rest.

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