A Tribute to Maggie

by Lori Rankin
(Winston Salem NC)

This past Friday, Sept 2nd at 4pm, our beloved Maggie dog of almost 12 years died peacefully in my arms, surrounded by my beloved Kristin and our other dog Leo. One month ago, she was diagnosed with an advanced form of lymphoma so we chose to make her comfy with steroids and enjoy every second of her. Her last month was amazing. She got to run, roll in the grass, eat and be loved.

Maggie was my first dog and my constant companion. She was always so protective of me, which is why I had to make the decision on Friday. She was never going to give up or let me down. Maggie was courageous and a silent warrior, never telling me if she hurt or if she was in pain.

She loved to run and roll in the grass. She loved to sniff the flowers. She had her own timetable and her own routine and she let us know when we were off of it. She understood English and could eat off of a fork. She knew when I was hurting, sometimes stopping me on our walks so that I could kneel down and bury my face in her fur.

She moved with me to 7 different places. She taught me so much and asked for so little. If I saw myself through her eyes, I would love me just as is. She did. She loved Kristin and she knew that I had finally found love. That's why she could let go.

Wherever you are, my Maggie, I know you are free. I will forever love you and remember you always.

I explained it to St. Peter

I'd rather stay here

Outside the pearly gate.

I won't be a nuisance,

I won't even bark, I'll be very patient and wait.

I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,

No matter how long you may be.

I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone.

It wouldn't be Heaven for me.

Unknown Author

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I'm sorry about Maggie!
by: Leif Carlson

Lori, I was saddened to hear about Maggie. I remember how much you loved her and the fun times we had with her in Richmond.

Thank You
by: Lori R

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have responded to my tribute and prayers to those who have lost dear pets like my Mags. She was certainly one of a kind to all who met her, lol.

I'm thankful I have such a support group. Thank you Stacy, Denise, Teresa, Karen and Christine. You all have comforted me in so many ways.

Lots of love to all.

by: denise

Maggie was very lucky to have had you in her life all these years. She was the lucky recipient of your love. You were both there for each other through the good times and the rough patches of your life. I am sure it made it easier for Maggie knowing you are in a good place in your life now with Kristin by your side to support and love you.

Maggie was wonderful dog. I can only imagine how painful this is for you right now. Hang in there through these tough days. With time your pain will lessen and you will be left with nothing but wonderful memories.

With love,

So Sorry About Maggie
by: Karen

So very sorry to read about your loss. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy.

The passing of one's pet companion is, I think, one of the worst feelings a human being can go through. It is so heart-rending, to say the least.

I do hope God gives you peace and comfort during this sad period of your life. May the memory of Maggie live on in your heart.

Mag Pie ~<3~
by: Anonymous

Maggie is already havin' a blast and rollin' in a grassy field with all our other fur babies that have gone before us. They are all waiting at Rainbow Bridge!! <3

So Sorry
by: teresa

So sorry for such a loss. Maggie was blessed to be loved by you both. This tribute is beautiful, Lori! Prayers and hugs being sent to you and K.

by: Christine in Virginia

What a beautiful tribute to your Maggie. I lost Jake, my Golden Retriever, one month ago today (August 5).

I pray God will give you comfort and peace. The memories will hurt for a while and then they will make you smile. May God bless you.

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