A Special Dog, Blue

by Chris
(Vida, OR)

Those who read this may understand how much a dog can be loved.

Blue is a special dog that comes along once in a lifetime. His death has ripped out a part of me that I have no expectations will ever be filled.

He had a gift to calm me like no other.
He had a gift to make me happy.
When I was angry, he would come to me, and look at me. My anger vanished.

Words cannot begin to express my feeling for Blue, but he has the gift to make me try.

I cannot do any more but say I will try to stop crying someday and I will always thank you for giving me the happiness you did.

God, I love this special dog named Blue.

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by: Janey's Dad

Chris, don't be ashamed to shed a tear. Two months later they still fall from my eyes. I'll be doing something with my new rescue dog and she'll do something funny that my beloved deceased used to do and I'll say "Janey-did you teach her that?"

I am not whole yet, but the pain has lessened a little. Good luck. Never forget your Blue!

I Agree
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this. My heart is broken also. A huge piece of my heart went with beautiful Scooterbdog. We will never be the same.

by: Jon Brooks

The next time you are angry or out of sorts, just close your eyes and remember him. His spirit will still be there for you.

I'm Sorry for the Loss of Your Beloved Blue
by: Carrie

I am so sorry for your loss. I completely understand your heartbreaking sorrow of losing a 4-legged child.

I had to make the terrible decision to let my two boys go within a year of each other due to old age and cancer. I thought that I would never get over the pain in my heart.

Though it has been a couple of years, I still cry when I think of them not being here with us, but with my two rescued pups, I find myself telling them how much they would have loved Toby and Harley.

The pain does lessen, and the hole in your heart will heal, but Blue will always be your special one.

I hope your memories bring you peace in your heart.

by: Christine

When my beloved Buddy died last year on July 4th I was literally on my knees with sorrow. My husband was also suffering. He begged me to get another dog 3 days after Buddy died. Even though I wasn't ready, I couldn't deny my husband's request.

This new addition to our family, called Mocha, brought me back off my knees because a puppy does need a lot of attention. You might find this insane, but a month ago Buddy's spirit jumped on our bed to let us know he is okay. Mocha was in a deep sleep on the couch.

I don't know if this helps. This intense sorrow you're experiencing would not be happening if you had never met Blue. Your grief is honouring Blue.


by: Lorraine

I am so sorry for your loss. It took me a good year to come to terms with losing my angel Chinnie. I still cry when I hear certain music, and when I think of her last night with me and how awful it was for her.

To me the hardest thing in life was losing her. But it does get a little easier with time. I pray you get through this tough time and try to remember all the joy you had with Blue.

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