A Poem for Prince, Forever Loved and in Our Hearts. My Best Friend. My Everything

by Claire Shears
(Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)

The big brown eyes,
The long wagging tail,
To bring a smile to my face,
He never did fail.

But the cancer it came,
It made him sad, tired and sore,
Watching him suffer,
My tears did pour.

For the day did come,
For my Prinny to go,
My tears stung my eyes,
My heart broken, empty and sore.

Sent from above,
An angel did come,
To take my Prince,
To his new forever home.

More and more every day,
My heart does break,
For my Prince, my best friend,
The good lord did take.

I miss and love you forever,
But this you already know,
That one day we'll be together,
When it's my time to go.

I want you forever,
By my side, with me,
Til my time comes, and forever,
Together we will be.

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Thank You...
by: Claire

Thanks Colin! I know how you feel, and it's awful. I tried to prepare myself for when Prince's time came, thought I could be strong. How totally wrong I was!

He wasn't a dog, he was like another child to me. It's unreal the amount of love we feel for them! I hate talking to people about him, as I still get upset over him, so I show my feelings in a poem. You should try it yourself. It makes you feel a lot better, and you have a poem to keep forever.

Excellent Poem
by: Colin

That was a great poem. Reminds me of my lab. It hurts so much when you have to let them go forever. Not being able to see him again just makes me so sad. I also keep a piece of his hair in my pocket.

Poem for Prince
by: Claire

Thank you, Rudy, for your kind comment. I hope you enjoyed reading my poem.

Very Sweet
by: Claire

Thank you very much for commenting on my poem.

It only took me about 5 minutes to write it down. I lost him on 25/06/14, and I miss him so much. We had a really special bond, and he was always there when times were hard.

I knew I would miss him when his time came, but I never thought I'd take it this bad! That photo of him on my poem, I had tattooed on my arm, and I carry his fur around with me in my locket. I couldn't bear to let him go, so we buried him at my boyfriend's place, and what a beautiful grave he has.

I have two children, but Prince was like a third child. It feels awful that I'm never going to see him again.

As for my poem, I just wrote down what I was thinking, what was going round in my head.

I just hope he knows how much he's loved and missed!!!

Wonderful Poem
by: Rudy Flohr

I'm sorry that you lost your best friend.

Poem for Prince
by: Lorraine

Beautiful and very touching poem for your sweet Prince. I am very sorry for your loss. it is so hard to lose a loved one so sweet and innocent.

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