A Poem for My Heart Dog, Vixen

by Jenny Miller
(Centennial, Colorado)

When I was 9 years old,
Just a little girl,
I got some scary news,
That threw my life into a whirl.

We had to leave my city,
Everything I'd ever know,
It was too much to bear,
I felt so all alone.

A deal was made,
That made my spirits perk up,
That when we got to our new home,
We could finally get a pup.

When that long awaited day came,
I was so delighted,
We arrived at that place,
Where all the homeless pets resided.

We looked for awhile,
I wanted to take them all,
Until I saw this one little dog,
Sitting alone in her dirty stall.

We found out that story,
About those terrible first years,
It broke my heart,
And brought me to tears.

That dog was you,
I knew you were the one,
From that day forward,
My new life had begun.

I took you with me,
And gave you a new home,
A non-abusive family,
And a big yard to roam.

Soon we got you a new friend,
So you would never get lonely,
He was a funny little pup,
His name was Cody.

You guys would run and play in the yard,
Some times you'd boss him around,
But nonetheless, you became best friends,
You'd never let each other down.

Your beloved belly rubs,
And your silly floppy ears,
The way you scarfed down all your food,
Oh, how I've cherished all these years.

Sometimes I didn't feed you,
So mom and dad had to,
Sometimes I didn't take you for walks,
Or stop to play with you.

I've neglected my responsibilities,
And I see that clearly now,
But I really do hope,
That you'll forgive me somehow.

That didn't change my love for you,
I loved you just the same,
You'll always be my baby,
I'll always remember that name.

Suddenly, that one day came,
The day that changed life,
It felt as if,
My heart had been stabbed with a knife.

Many times you'd been sick,
With your monthly water needs,
The surgery on your right hind leg,
And pulling out 6 teeth.

But never did we think it would come to this,
A sickness we could not fight,
And along with this big nasty lump,
You're slowly losing your sight.

I cried for you every day,
The tears dripped down my chin,
I couldn't watch you being eaten alive,
I wouldn't let the cancer win.

So today for the last time,
I'll hold you softly against my chest,
I'll say my last goodbyes,
And put you down to rest.

But I know God has a plan,
A place for you to stay,
With beautiful hills and meadows,
And soft clouds on which you can lay.

There will be wonderful trees and flowers,
And many doggies too,
There'll be yummy treats and chew toys,
And new friends to play with you.

I promise we will meet again,
Together at last, some day,
But every day I will miss you,
And for you, I will pray.

Just make me one last promise before you go,
Promise me you will wait?
The day will come, when I come home too,
Meet me at Heaven's gate.

Now travel safely, up back home,
It's time for your new start.
My time will come, one day too,
But 'til then, you'll be forever in my heart

I will forever love you Vixen.
Don't forget me.

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by: Angela

Very beautiful and touching. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know one day we will be with our beloved pets again....

So Touching
by: amanda

How touching was this. I know how you feel. This explains a lot. I hope our dogs have met in heaven and are waiting for our knock.

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