A Memorial for Polo~ My Beloved GSD and Best Friend

by Jennifer
(Vancouver Island, BC Canada)

I miss you beloved partner – Polo, the greatest and most handsome #1 German Shepherd in ALL the land!!!!!

Polo, I miss how you would catch bees in the air, how you would jump in the front seat of the car when a bee somehow got in the backseat on more than one occasion.

I miss how you would open the door for me to go downstairs.

I miss how you would come over to me and give me hugs, true actual hugs. It was like you were wishing you had arms.

I miss lying with you, both of us on our backs with our feet in the air.

Polo, I miss how you would run through the tunnels and on the playground bridges and explore the slide but run down to meet me at the bottom.

I loved how you would get jealous over me being able to use the swings at the playground, wishing you could figure a way to swing next to me.

I miss how you would jump in the driver seat of the car each time I got out—and you would literally honk the horn with your bum if I was gone to long. People thought it was amazing. They were just unaware of the magnitude of your intelligence.

I miss your quiet barks, when others were sleeping, but you needed me up to take you potty. It was like a whisper "woof," so considerate and thoughtful you were.

Polo, I love you for the joy and adventure and optimism you brought me in life You were a trusted companion and a calming force in my life.

I loved when you stole the roast beef off the counter at Amanda's on Quadra Island and we were all chasing you around and you looked at us, put your front end down, as if to say, "Come and get it!" We were all super starving and everyone so mad at you!! It wasn't the first time people were mad at you. You made it up to them with your charming face and countless expressions.

I miss how you and I would go to the parks and if there were children there, you would put on a show for them, by rolling over and "smiling" for them, where you would let your lips roll back and give the appearance of you actually smiling on your back. The kids would squeal in delight. Sometimes I got on the ground with you and we looked like twins!

I miss our matching yellow raincoats on rainy days when we went for walks.

I miss seeing your face and hearing you around me and the calming effect it had on me,. The silence and emptiness are almost too much to bear right now.

I miss you barking and telling the whole world "Hello, I'm here!!! " out the window in the car.

I miss your GPS sense of direction. It mattered not how long it had been since you had been somewhere, you immediately recognized favorite spots we had been to, and were always sure to let me know.

You were so keen on remembering people's names. You hold a special place in Elizabeth's and Jessica's hearts, I am certain. I know how much you loved them too.

Words cannot explain the emptiness and loneliness I feel without you in my life, Polo.

Polo leaving leaves such an empty place in my heart.

I loved tubing down the Cowichan River with you this past summer. You were so relaxed and soaked up the sun and all the attention from everyone.

Everyone always complimented you everywhere we went, telling you how regal and handsome you are. And you were a ham in front of the camera. You just loved to pose and have your picture taken. I remember Leah used to say, "Oh, you think you're a model and striking a pose for the camera, don't you Polo?"

I remember and miss the way you would be lying in mommy's bed when I would come in to bed some nights. That was one of my favorite things, to have you warm up my bed up for me. You were so polite though, to get up right away without being asked.

I miss how you always knew it was time to leave the house by when you would hear me spray my hairspray. You had learned that was a signal that it was time to go soon. You would come walking in, sort of stretching, and then we would head out together.

I could go on and on with the list of things I will miss about you, Polo, but most of all I miss YOU. I will never, ever forget you. I am ever so thankful for the time and years we spent together. I hope I gave you a good life and brought you as much joy and happiness as you brought me pal..

Forever in my heart, your spirit lives on.Till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge Polo.

Rest in Peace friend.

Love, Me~


July 5, 2005 ~ Oct. 23, 2014

Polo taught me so much about life. He will always be my best friend and saving grace.

Polo and I traveled both the United States and British Columbia, Canada, together, and lived all over.

When they would say, "Either he goes, or you both go" because dogs weren't allowed, off we went together to sleep in the truck, starting the engine and running the heater so we didn't freeze in the winter in North Dakota at a truck stop. That night we kept each other warm sharing the back seat together.

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Does Grief From Being Pummeled End?
by: Jennifer James

It is coming up on five years since you left, Polo, and now my whole family too.

The grief is affecting my health, and I need to get a hold of myself and figure out some way to manufacture some joy somehow.

Life without a Polo sucks....

Time marches on
by: Jennifer James

Well,this month it has been 4 years since you had to go. I have now lost my brother, mother and father too. It is difficult to deal with, but nothing near as excruciating as when I lost you, Polo

I can't help but wonder if I put a case around my heart after losing you, so as to never have to feel the inconsolable level of pain I experienced losing you, like a method of self-preservation? Or perhaps my bond with you and love for you was so immense that nothing compared?

Well, whatever it is, I'm grateful that I got through those first four years without you. Hope you're waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge!

Love never ending,

Your mom. xoxoxo

Thanks for the Comments
by: Jennifer

Thank you to the people who commented on my tribute to my Polo, who passed away on October 23rd 2014.

It's been quite lonely without him. I keep seeking out another dog that looks like him so that I could still perhaps see his face in the new dog. But I have been unable to find one.

I know in time Polo will send one to me that will be the right one. In the meantime he's in my heart and I'm just taking each grieving day as it comes.

Thank you so much for your support and feedback. Best wishes to all of you.

by: Maria

What a beautiful memorial to your Polo! I hope one day he will get back to you.

My beloved Swing will come, and I am waiting for him.

Hug you!

What a Wonderful Friend
by: Jon

You were blessed with a wonderful friend and companion. Thank you for sharing a part of him with us.

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