A Loving Tribute to My Buddy

by Yin Ling

My Buddy has gone too soon. It was a month ago that you left, my heart still feels that you are near.

Buddy, a very handsome and faithful Schnauzer, was diagnosed with an enlarged heart at the tender age of just 3 months old when I got him in Shanghai in 2004.

Buddy, I knew that you would not be able to live to your full dog's life span as doctors had forewarned me after you had been diagnosed with an enlarged heart. I did not expect it to be this short. How I wish you could stay a little longer. I am sorry that you had to bear the pain and suffering due to your weak heart since your birth. You could not run and play like any of your fellow dog friends. Please understand that I had to be strict with you so that you would not exert yourself too much.

Praise God for giving you these precious 7 years of your life with me. You left too suddenly. You held on to your dear life for as long as you could. But I am glad that when you breathed your last breath, you went very peacefully. It was time and you knew it. I love and miss you so much!

I am comforted to know that you are in a better place without pain and suffering anymore. I know you did not wish to leave me behind, but I know that you want me to move on and live my life as God has intended. I may adopt another dog in time to come, but you will always hold a special place in my heart forever. You are the Special One, my first Son!

You were my sweet darling. You taught and showed me so much about how to truly love, exercise patience and deliver forgiveness. When I was down and had a bad day, you always stayed silent, sat close by, looked at me with your doleful eyes and your paw on my lap as if to tell me that you understood and shared my sorrow and sadness.

You brought so much joy and love to me and people around you. You had even "converted" my friends who were afraid of dogs, to really accept and love you. Because of your friendly and passionate self, you brought much fun and laughter into our lives.

I will hold very fond and precious memories of the time and special bonding we had together in the short seven years of your life on earth spent in Shanghai and short 4 months here in Singapore.

I am very proud of you for you were a fighter! You fought hard to stay strong.

A job well done, Buddy. Thank you for being who you were!

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